I should have recognised the bewitching spell.

12:24 AM

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Ohvola's feature shoot - Spellbound Collective.

Photographer: Mirabelle Koh
Model: Che Shijia
Stylist/Wardrobe: Ohvola
Camera: EOS 550D + 50mm

Probably my very first photoshoot that's not a personal one with the help of friends, but rather, a professional model and an official business. I cannot be more thankful for this opportunity presented to me thanks to my lady boss.

Initially, I was all nerves about taking on the camera for the outdoor shoot. Though I have been doing a couple of outdoor shoots for quite some time now, they were all with close friends or relatives so I was definitely working in my own comfort zone.
However, this shoot was nothing like I was used to. Aside from feeling the need and pressure to deliver, I really didn't want to disappoint myself or anyone, especially when it's a project I've always longed to work on.

But my boss has always been motivating, and the model herself is really experienced, so the shoot went by without any hiccups with the exception of the sudden downpour.

Anyway, the dress featured in this shoot is one of their upcoming piece - one that got everyone raving over how dreamy and fairytale-like this piece is!! After the outdoor, the whole whimsy vibe driving this shoot eventually gave me the idea to call it the Spellbound Collective.

Keep yourself updated for the release of this piece on their site by liking them on Facebook or following them on Instagram @ohvola. Currently, there are also some works in progress so keep your eyes peeled!

In another 3 more days, I'll be leaving for Japan!! Omg it's starting to feel so surreal. All the homework, planning and booking done by the both of us is gonna pay off hehe. 

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