My love for you was bulletproof but you're the one who shot me.

2:36 PM

Sunday was my last day of work and it was crazy with all the aunties trying to dig last minute bargains for their moon cakes.
But it was fun. It didn't start off that great, but the crazy crowd on the last couple of days perked things up. Not sure if I'll ever do something like this again though. 10 days of exhaustion is no joke.

The day after marks the mid-autumn festival. And as usual, it's celebrating with the primary school folks. It's been a six year tradition already, and I'm amazed every one of us still makes the time and effort for this day.
But even though we're still doing the same things that we do every year - playing with fire, sparkles and bombs - we all have changed so much in so many ways. Funny how all these happened in a span of 6 years. We came from the same primary school and didn't grow up too differently from one another. We all had big dreams that we tried or are still trying to achieve, yet, our respective lives have turned out so different.

Time really does a lot of things, doesn't it?

So I brought my rotting DSLR out that night after contemplating for a really long time and I didn't regret lugging that heavy thing with me. All the shots captured were seriously worth it!! I hate taking night shots because I can never get the aperture - ISO - shutter speed combi right without the photo turning out too grainy but I guess there's nothing photoshop can't do huh. I mean, the photos are still a hell of grainy. I'm working on it sigh.
But the best things to capture has got to be lights. I always loved the effect of sunsets, rays of lights, sparks and fire etc. This time I probably took too many pictures of the sparkles (though I didn't use burst shots because I refuse to kill my shutter like that) and explosions from the explosives we made.

 photo IMG_1695_zps62ca0c7b.jpg
 photo IMG_1698_zps4aca0712.jpg
 photo IMG_1696_zpscf06d045.jpg
 photo IMG_1699_zps62a62c1b.jpg
 photo IMG_1702_zps52c6215c.jpg
 photo IMG_1731_zpse2f7b7ba.jpg
 photo IMG_1775_zps3327ccb6.jpg
 photo IMG_1711_zps30599d2f.jpg
 photo IMG_1813_zpsb0fa74af.jpg
 photo IMG_1820_zpsca7d7ada.jpg
 photo IMG_1824_zps4d27028e.jpg
 photo IMG_1836_zps2778ce5e.jpg
 photo IMG_1847_zpsb3447034.jpg
 photo IMG_1852_zps66e6145a.jpg
^One of the explosions from Victor's creations. It took me a few tries to get this shot right though.

 photo IMG_1893_zpsc2f8ef68.jpg
 photo IMG_1924_zpsb925574b.jpg
 photo IMG_1925_zpsad14480b.jpg
My favourite shot of another one of the fire explosives.

 photo IMG_1939_zpsf4018a1b.jpg
 photo IMG_1953_zps910a06f2.jpg
 photo IMG_1957_zps27078d77.jpg
 photo IMG_1958_zpsed1f74af.jpg

It's been a great night. I finally got to dump my jeans for a dress that day and meet the friends whom I haven't seen in weeks. And of course, really spend quality time with my best friend and my boyfriend.
Even though me and Brandon were working together, all we did was just see each other for 12 hours everyday before heading home. Not much words exchanged or sorts because we were either 1) too tired or 2) unwilling to be bitched by our supervisor for "flirting" each time we talked.
So really, that night was probably my saving grace before I collapsed from all that crap.

Now that work is over and done with, I can thoroughly enjoy my holidays!!! YES.

I have to head back to school these 3 days for duties though -_- I really hope that this time round, I'll get the break that I so deserve. Please, no school duties anymore.
I'm sick of that shit already. Maybe it's time I call it quits?

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