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2:17 AM

Finally caught "If I Stay" after adding it to my to-watch list since it's release. After yesterday's Ngee Ann Kongsi Cheque presentation duty with some of my fellow ambassadors, I met up with Brandon thereafter to catch the movie.
The ushering duty wasn't exactly the most pleasant or rewarding experience, honestly. But the company really made the atmosphere so much better and I'm so grateful for the people I got to work with this time round. :)

 photo 6965D4C4-0A42-41F8-9C9D-5AEA1B4ABDC2_zpsjzemgfsj.jpg  photo 31EFBACD-8E2B-4100-9115-84A2D6BEBBA2_zpscpekge33.jpg  photo 5381EE6A-BD8E-4306-8C3F-2121503FFD0F_zpsgijmw4vm.jpg
(Side note: I really really love my floral babydoll and the navy pleated skirt in both ootd pics)

Anyway, moving on, the movie (like any other book to movie adaptations) had several differences but I thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless. I'm generally a sucker for romance and tearjerker stories, as cliche as they may be. Similar to the book, it was really an emotional roller coaster ride and I couldn't stop myself from tearing every time. Brandon was having a good laugh at how bad I tried to stop the tears with the sleeve of his cardigan throughout the whole 2 hours.

I actually read "If I Stay" back in 2010 just months after its publication. At that point in time, I didn't think that there would be movie adaptation but now that it's finally here (4 years since I read the book), I was so stoked for it when its screening date was first announced. I no longer remember every nitty gritty detail of the story (it did not exactly fit into my list of favourite stories which I memorised quotes from or whatever) but having the story retold in moving visuals this time is quite the refresher.

I'm still hoping that some studio out there would make a movie adaption of Scot Westerfled's Uglies series. It's kinda old (I read in back in 2010 I think) but I thought that it was a really good YA novel that has a lot of movie potential! Lauren Oliver's Before I Die and Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult is good too...
And it's been a while since I heard some of my favourite reads being slated for a TV series (e.g. The Summer I Turned Pretty, Delirium trilogy series etc.) but there's been no news of it ever since. Sigh.

Okay I need to stop being a geek. I haven't been drowning myself in books ever since I got myself into poly, so I'm pretty much outdated with whatever new books there are out there. I should probably take this holiday to integrate myself back into the goodreads community and fish myself some nice novels.

And meanwhile, I'm currently working on my floral pieces too! Please please please tell me I don't have to go back to school as much this holidays. I need time for myself this semester break.

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