Your expectations are the reasons why.

11:12 PM


It's a little scary how Year 1 passed just like that, although I can't wait for graduation. Now that the holidays are here it's time to get back into the eat clean be fit track which I've been slacking off on.

I had my final speech presentation today with my fellow team mates which we sacrificed sleep for (okay I still got 3 hours of sleep so it wasn't that bad...). The whole day was full of nerves. Everyone had stomachache of some sort in the morning from all that nervousness LOL. No one ate lunch because it felt like we were all gonna puke if we did, so we went without food all the way till 5PM ever since we met at 10AM. I didn't even have a sip of water because I was that worried and panicky lol. Yes it was that bad.
But oh god it's all now over and I think our group did quite well!! Cheers to the sleepless nights, the anxiety and mind blank moments. I'm so glad Speech Communication is over and done with. It has been the most dreadful module, ever. Now to keep my fingers crossed for good grades.

FMS (Film and Media Studies) student, Forever Missing Sleep indeed. I can't agree more. How many times have I went without sleep for presentations already?

Well anyway, it's Valentine's day tomorrow and thank god school's out for me already!! Can't wait for the picnic plans with my boy and the two other couple. A first triple date for me, I wonder how it'll turn out hahaha. Trisha just left my place after preparing some of the food for tomorrow. And Dan Song Zhiyi was so kind to drop by my place just to bring me some cling wrap HAHAH.

Can't waitttttttt for tmr pretty pictures are coming mai way.

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