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14th February 2014: our second Valentine's day together, and our 1st anniversary!!

I always thought it was kinda cheesy to yknow, get together on Valentine's day but last year, it kinda just happened a little before midnight. Honestly, I can't remember what time was that or how it really happened, but it wasn't something I particularly expected or anticipate. After all, I was spending my Valentine's day last year with Dan Song Zhiyi at Orchard for the fun of it. Yeap.
Who would have thought we will come so far to spend another Valentine's together!! Hahah yeah neither of us expected it to be this serious, but somewhere in between our promise not to say 'forever', it just did. The best things happen to you when you least expect it, yes?

Just the night before Valentine's, Trisha was at my place preparing some of the picnic stuff while Zhiyi played spectator of our cooking show. I think many would have known by now but I'm terrible in the kitchen so... A couple of plates falling here and there.
A couple of minutes after the two left, the boy surprised me at my doorstep with the Valentine's day gift!! Omg hahaha surprises is such an un-Brandon thing but he still did it so could you imagine how happy I was?! LOL.

The next morning I woke up to 1) Trisha at my bedroom door staring at me and saying 'wtf belle' because apparently I overslept when we were supposed to add our finishing touches for the picnic snacks and 2) a rose on my laptop from my dad??? HAHAH.

Well anyway, off we went for our triple date picnic at Japanese garden!! It was supposed to be just a me and Brandon thing but somehow it became triple. I always thought that double dates etc were awkward but apparently, ever since AHA with Ziman, I realised that it was actually kinda fun hehehe.

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The V'day gift ^_^

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^ I find this very funny. Happy Brandon eating his cookie among the other couples LOL.

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Jerry's girlfriend (Hengyee) prepared some food too and damn, looking at her bakes and sandwiches made me realise that I really, really, really need to do something about my cooking capabilities. Her egg salad sandwiches were so damn good and using mixed seeds loaf over white bread is probably the best combination ever.
Looking at the truffles me and Trisha made in comparison to her red velvet rice krispies is like looking at night and day T-T

But well, at least all of the food prepared were considerably healthy (with the exception of the chocolatey Valentine's treats of course).

I took a stroll with Brandon afterwards and we did loads of nature watching LOL. Hahah and exploring some shots of course.

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I must say that we're blessed with good weather too because it only started to rain around the evening when we were packing up. And the sun wasn't unbearable throughout the afternoon either.

We then parted ways for the rest of the night! Picnic date was a great success ^_^ hewhew.

Happy Valentine's day boy. Cheers to our 1st anniversary, and the others to come. The words I have so much to say, you know where to find them.

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