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Last weekend's flea which I emptied out more than half of my wardrobe for.

Just way too many clothes that I bought on an impulse, didn't wear, or toss aside after wearing once. It pains me to know I'm letting them go at a tiny fraction of price I originally bought them at. And they're gorgeous pieces too!!! ):
But then on the other hand, I cleared many pieces which I no longer want and managed to snag a couple of really pretty brand new dresses at like what, $4?! I even got this really cute, brand new dress from Bershka originally priced at $60 at only $10!! HAHA it even still had the tag on omg talk about good buys. The last few minutes of the flea were basically tenants visiting other tenants' store, digging for worthy grabs at dirt cheap prices. I mean, I knew this before but I didn't expect to get such great buys especially since I'm particularly picky about it being brand new and it ain't easy for me to find apparels that I fancy worthy of their price. Trisha managed to get herself 3 crop tees at $1 each, and a dress at $2. $15 for 3 dresses and a skirt for me what more could I ask for!! Our auntie mode switch on max until cannot up anymore already.

Honestly, sales wasn't all that bad. It's more like meh cause I only managed to clear only half of the over 100 apparels I brought and fetched $300+. $400+ if you combine me and Trisha's (she didn't bring much). Yes that's good but if you take into consideration that the booth was $180 for both days...
Compared to FFS' flea at scape 3 (or was it 4??) years ago, this was waaaay more expensive. So lesser profits after all. But it's air-conditioned, with good food and music!! But it's okay overall I'm quite satisfied.
If you're wondering whether to try out for TBM's flea, I'd say it's definitely worth a try! It wouldn't disappoint. This time they had this 'Raid My Wardrobe' featuring 14 famous bloggers which was a huge hit and this "SOI 15" section featuring blogshops. Pretty sure they'll have other good stuff next time round!

Well that pretty much concludes my weekend. I don't have any exams or tests, if you're wondering why am I so relaxed while everyone else is practically mugging their asses off during study week. ^_^

Another week of working (at Gongcha) like crazy before I get my pay and splurge my holidays away with the poly kids!!!

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