Ohvola Lookbook - Ocean Boulevard

12:01 AM

 photo 13094150_10154235394987975_3898960867093480199_n_zpswuzwio15.jpg
 photo 13094161_10154235395487975_3910485667566530692_n-2_zpswm3m9xtd.jpg
 photo 13177211_10154235395602975_2990474620174889247_n_zpskfv9tz2u.jpg
 photo 13133398_10154235395822975_8282595548458639630_n_zpsryybyfjc.jpg
 photo 13125001_10154235395512975_883678535072654460_n_zpsgavd5wj2.jpg

Wardrobe: Ohvola
Styling: Joey Goh
Photography: Mirabelle Koh

Just a couple of photos from an outdoor shoot I did with Ohvola about two weeks back, when the weather was already starting to drive everyone bonkers. I remember all of us feeling so exhausted from the heat it's a wonder how we left with only horrendous tan lines and maybe a couple of mosquito bites.

The harsh sunlight really didn't help the shoot and I guess I had a hard time during the post process, trying to sort out the shadows and highlights and everything. It's not the best photoset and I feel like it could've been better... So many faults with this one but I guess it's through these mistakes that I learn.

Woke up at 645am today for the second shoot (omg what an inhumane time considering that's usually the time I fall asleep on my off days lol) and the weather was actually kinder. Seriously, we try too hard to avoid the sun at noon hahah. And I'm pretty sure the second set will turn out a lot better, so till then I'm gonna spend the next week editing, and editing some more.

It's funny how I used to think that photoshoots were all glam and fun until I started doing my own with a friend or two. Enduring the humid weather and insects that creep onto your clothes is really not my idea of recreation, but I still dealt with them then anyway. However, a fashion shoot with multiple outfits/accessories is really... Another level altogether. In other words I've completed my workout for the day.

Can't wait to share my next photoset when it's done. Till then, I'll be updating this space with a cafe post sooooon.

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