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Graduation Day was probably the highlight of my week, and one of the days when I actually felt so blessed to have my family and friends who have stood by me throughout the past three years and more.

Initially I wasn't even looking forward to attending grad or donning the gown because I thought it was pretty pointless... But Jolaine was telling me to attend because it's "once in a lifetime" and something I would want to look back on, and so I did. Kinda thankful for the push babe *blows kisses*

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(excuse my bare feet I have my reasons HAHA)

Looking at the polaroids/pictures taken and the memories today, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Super big hugs to my parents for always having faith in me as I pursued my Mass Communication diploma these three years, and for always supporting whatever projects (e.g. the FMS wall design) and events that I have partaken in school. And Jo, for being that constant who stuck with me through boring lectures, hair-wrenching assignments, sleepless nights, my random bouts of irritability and sadness on my not-so-good days. If it weren't for you, sometimes I wonder if I would still have my sanity intact through this hell. Poly wasn't exactly the smoothest journey, but I'm thankful to have met you :')

Right after my grad, I also kind of did a shoot with my two homegirls who I've been stuck with for more than half of my life with - Trisha and Miaolin. It's inexplicable, seeing us pass another milestone when we all graduated from CPS together before and this time, we're graduating again, but in different gowns from our own respective institutions. Thank you Jo for being the photographer <3

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Waited three years for this day, so why not throw our bears/bouquets for a posey shot right

 photo _MG_0250_zpszi5hzhxo.jpg
 photo _MG_0271_zpseu4yyyb2.jpg
LOL we are swallowed by our gowns and idk who even does jumpshot these days idk what we were thinking

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This picture pretty much sums up our friendship and respective personalities :')

It always feels like home with you girls so here's to the years ahead while we watch other grow old and grey. I guess the next big event will be Trisha's marriage?? HAHA.

Also, thank you Victor for coming down all the way to wish me, and Zhiyi for the surprise macarons!! And also to all the other friends, relatives and acquaintances who still wished me even though they could not attend because they were held up by other commitments. Some came as a surprise, and really nothing feels quite as motivating, knowing my loved ones are here with me as I pass another milestone in my years of growing up.

It's been a pretty good week, since Miao and I also went to Trisha's grad two days after our own, and took more photos.

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Hope you loved your eggplant and chyesim HAHA. And all the cute photos we helped you and Zc take hehe. Miaolin and I should really consider gift wrapping as a career since our bouquet really on point.

Twas a good week! Happy graduation to all those completing their diplomas as well!! :)

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