Trying to take what's lost and broken, make it right.

3:46 PM

Merry Christmas to all, I hope everyone else is enjoying the long break for this festive season huehue.

There wasn't a really kickass celebration this year as compared to the previous. In fact, all the plans were kinda impromptu and at the last minute hahah. I spend the afternoon of my xmas eve baking (wew didn't think that i'd revisit another series of kitchen horrors so soon) and the night over at ziman's place having dinner with her family... LOL. And catching IP man 3! Based on feedback from the folks who tried my cookies, seems like they were not too bad!! Quite proud of myself :'-)

Christmas itself was not quite the same as last year. I spent it with my family. I suppose I spent it with an entirely different group of people this time, and I wouldn't have expected it back in 2014. I thought that I would be able to keep close to some people for the years to come, but some things change don't they haha. So yeap there was the lack of some huge gathering for xmas this year sigh.

Anyway the highlight of my xmas were some really nice surprises and gifts!! For the time, effort and money spent, thank you!! I'm really blessed :)

 photo 68EA8BE3-3124-4152-9FFE-5568BF89179E_zpslpgviavf.jpg  photo CD10BED3-9773-48F1-B011-6FF85B62ED36_zpssehbhdjw.jpg

On a side note, quite a number of people have been telling me that I gained some weight recently.

This is the worst?! I just slacked off a little from gymming ever since I returned from NZ and started on my internship but getting fat this fast is just... Upsetting. Omg I really need to get back on track. How did I let myself get to this state??

I remember starting this clean eating and gymming fad some time last year because I got so depressed with my body. It started off with really strict diets, working out daily and belittling myself on days when I skipped workouts or overeat. Was I happy then? Not really, not until I saw results anyways. It was only after several months later did my goals become less of meeting societal body image ideals and more of keeping myself fit and strong.

This is a reminder to self to get my game on because I want to keep myself healthy, especially after all the drinking nights that I've been indulging in in the past few months. I will not hate on my body again.

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