I need to keep my high hopes small, and time to replace what I gave away.

2:32 PM

Finally got to meet some of the CCHY bros the previous Sunday, and I never realized how much I missed them till we actually got together over some thai dinner (always my fav aside from jap cuisine huehuehue). I haven't seen Chifa for like months since he had been in Vietnam for a long time, and midshipman Kelvin is just too busy... But seeing everyone together on Sunday just chilling and catching up on old times really reminded me of the golden days back in CCHY.

 photo E5F37529-D5E0-4160-85C3-5E87A4E4C24A_zpsyzl8mg3b.jpg  photo C0AF6681-BE16-4376-AB5D-C514E107861E_zpsp1zgscgu.jpg

Initially I planned it to just be a dinner date with Kelvin but then realized his birthday is actually really soon LOL and so it's contacting Zhiyi to get some other people to join and give him a little surprise before he books in that night.

This fag just turned 19 when most of us are turning 20 in the next four months wtf... I don't want to be so old this fast!!! November passed by way too quickly and before I know it it was already halfway through December?? I can't believe 2015 is already coming to an end.

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It's 22nd December, so happy birthday Kelvin!

It's been nine years of friendship with you, even though we weren't really friends but enemies who'd play block catching together at the start HAHAHA. We've seen each other at our noobest - cue: motorola phone and haversack schoolbag days - and we've grown so much since then. But it seems like your horrendous singing that I've grown immune to won't ever change...

I probably haven't seen you much this year as compared to the previous few, but like you've said to me before, "I always got your bag". Thank you for being that one naggy friend who lectures me for all of my bad decisions and habits, but is still always there if I ever lose my way. Through so many of my yolo plans, drunk nights, and post-breakups, I've never been so grateful to know that you're still here to stay, irregardless of the stupid choices I made at times in disregard to your advices. Thank you for all the times you stayed up before to hear me rant, for being gay with me on nights when I feel sentimental and for waiting that extra few minutes every time we meet because I'm spending that time drawing my brows HAHAHA (although you and zy always assure me I'm damn chio even when I'm browless... :'-)) But really, it's time you stop judging me for the things I do...

Looking at where you are now, with your vocation (next dinner your treat) and all, it makes me really proud and you have come a long way. Yes, the years have certainly passed too fast and while our futures may all seem so unclear, know that I got your bag too, and so do the bros. It doesn't matter how far we stray cause there'll always be people to help you back on the track, just like how you and the rest have done for me.

Here's to all our late night runs, the stupid times while being classmates in CCHY since 2009, dota games, singing our song Fall For You (cb HAHAH) and the better decades to come. Happy 19th Kelvin!!

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