Six months older I won't give in, I'm never gonna risk it.

3:36 AM

How do you know if you're over someone?

I guess it’s when you stop hoping for a text message from them wishing you good morning or night. It’s when you stop seeing vivid memories at the places you once went with them, the times when the both of you felt so invincible. It’s when you stop holding onto all the promises they said, only to never keep them. It’s when you stop going to sleep with the clothes they left from the last stay over, hopelessly holding onto whatever lingering scent they had left.

You start to feel nothing when you hear the song you both always sang to on the radio. Your tears don’t fall when you look at the faded pictures you’ve taken together, the ones with the most foolish smiles on your faces. Your heart no longer aches at the mention of their name, and you can finally talk about them without your voice breaking. You no longer miss the taste of their lips, or how their arms feel like wrapped around you. You stop associating them with the feeling of home.

Instead, you learn to love yourself a little more. You learn to smile even when they're no longer the reason for you to do so, and you learn to always appreciate what you have since the time they have gone and left. You learn to make a home within yourself, because you now know that people can’t complete you.

So have you gotten over them yet?

No, probably not. Not yet. Maybe you won’t ever truly get over the people you once loved. It’s going to take time, and there’s no rush for you to get there, so be at your own pace. There will be a time when you're happy and they're happy, leading your own lives and growing separately, like tangent lines that meet once and then never again. You'll be grateful for all the memories shared and the lessons learnt, no matter how painful or brutal. You’re going to miss them on some of your bad nights - we all do towards the people who once meant the world to us. And that's okay. You’re almost there, darling. 

You're almost there.

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