And maybe this time they won't slip like an insubstantial thread, too fine to hold.

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I am back from my 7D6N vacation in Indonesia!! This is probably my longest vacation since 2008 cause I don't remember ever being overseas with so much clothing baggage to pack. The trip was truly god-sent, because I really needed the breather in the midst of hectic semester 2.2. Now that I'm back though, I really have a lot of work to catch up on.

So my family (my sis, dad and mum) and Brandon went to Jakarta and Bali (Kuta & Ubud) over the past 7 days from the 23rd to 29th December. We took off at 8am on the 23rd and landed at Changi Airport (now that I've been a few other airports I really love Changi for it's cleanliness, aesthetics and all) safely last night around 11pm.

I think we generally spent about a day travelling to different locations. Though the packing could be quite the hassle, I think it's honestly fun to be living in a different hotel room after every 2 nights. So it was Jakarta for 2 nights, and then leaving in the afternoon to reach Bali, Kuta in the evening to spend another 2 nights, then leaving again in the afternoon to reach Ubud in the evening!

 photo 5551B1AE-3188-4419-9AF0-5ED0A2C2ACC6_zps9i0imqhq.jpg  photo 97ADD266-0871-4B6D-999D-E1D624D1CC4D_zpskt3pjuxn.jpg  photo C581B9A3-8F18-42AB-81AC-FDF964040EAE_zps30gmf0rk.jpg
 photo B02BC049-51F3-4212-B396-4A724E236D8A_zpspvzkmbwl.jpg  photo 7F4AA7BD-355C-4432-8DE3-2483AD630AFE_zpsupa8zto0.jpg  photo 45512005-DC56-494B-BEBB-E3E0BCB249DF_zpspw8disuj.jpg
 photo IMG_9246copy_zps5e258852.jpg
 photo IMG_9248_zps6d76b009.jpg
 photo IMG_9250_zps290495ca.jpg
 photo IMG_9321_zps2717a8c0.jpg
 photo IMG_9294_zps4ec969d4.jpg
 photo IMG_9286_zps1ab395eb.jpg
 photo IMG_9362_zps0cedf3e8.jpg
 photo IMG_9361_zps9960c641.jpg
 photo IMG_9374_zps49884162.jpg  photo IMG_9394_zps2ee52a07.jpg
 photo IMG_9404_zps8ec1de26.jpg
 photo IMG_9387_zps277be7bd.jpg
 photo IMG_9412_zps0fc3eb6d.jpg
 photo IMG_9415_zpsfc98057d.jpg
 photo IMG_9428_zps35d44691.jpg  photo IMG_9426_zps64be0459.jpg
 photo IMG_9435_zps7b241fa4.jpg
 photo IMG_9451_zps7ffececf.jpg
 photo IMG_9458_zpsff15609e.jpg
 photo IMG_9480_zpsb7b48dc4.jpg
 photo IMG_9498_zps84be0bf7.jpg
 photo IMG_9512_zps871304fa.jpg
 photo IMG_9517_zps195e8d85.jpg
 photo IMG_9521_zps988ffb79.jpg
 photo IMG_9525_zps2fa0127f.jpg
 photo IMG_9526_zps1817d602.jpg
 photo IMG_9522_zps9f68b485.jpg
 photo IMG_9527_zpsc9fc718d.jpg
 photo IMG_9528_zpsbb1f89f6.jpg
 photo IMG_9550_zps825a09b8.jpg
 photo IMG_9552_zpsf9bceef3.jpg
 photo IMG_9557_zps6fc5a08f.jpg
 photo 2505322F-D36F-4034-969F-827A5A020906_zpslx6dhta1.jpg  photo DFA9AEE9-983B-48A0-B87D-09F52C695D9C_zpsqt3ufune.jpg  photo 364D94D3-757B-4AB8-833A-23525CD7A329_zpsy22rhezu.jpg

Jakarta was some crazy fat-venture for me. I ate like 7 cakes in 2 days and drank quite the amount of liquor. We were staying at Artotel, which is this artistic hotel with the works of many designers coming together. Every spot is simply pleasing to the eye and picture worthy. I couldn't take much with my prime lens because the hotel was relatively small, but it does add to the cozy factor.
They have a rooftop bar (BART) located conveniently above Artote, so I went there both nights to try their drinks with Brandon after reading its reviews via the hotel wifi LOL. Mostly just cocktails like pina colada, tequila sunrise, Singapore sling and mojito. I did try one of their in-house drinks, Spicy Rita. It was quite cool, with the black pepper that surprisingly compliments the beverage.

I guess we hardly did anything more than eating there HAHAH and they have really good truffle fries no matter where I went. Plus most of the cakes I had were not too bad?? I love Japanese patisseries the most though so I can't wait to cafe-hunt in Japan!! I definitely got fatter after this vacation and I'm quite depressed over it but I will get back in shape!!!! Just give me another day of alcohol binging on 31st...

 photo BC4E2A6F-E2CA-44DC-847C-4C6A8FE9124C_zps350fpwsr.jpg  photo 6DFD2D70-377A-404D-878E-69D9357D05B1_zpsfptvczni.jpg  photo 706B4F4A-0AF8-4671-BC82-22717A54EB6D_zpsqlyapovu.jpg
 photo IMG_9569_zps5c98e138.jpg
 photo IMG_9567_zpsf1fca19c.jpg
 photo IMG_9584_zpsfa9aef10.jpg
 photo IMG_0012_zps91cec92d.jpg
 photo IMG_9586_zps35bb0623.jpg
 photo IMG_9614_zpsd230bd73.jpg
 photo IMG_9620_zps717d6658.jpg
 photo IMG_9633_zps77ebb711.jpg
 photo IMG_9646_zps9b521038.jpg
 photo IMG_9650_zpsaa341dfb.jpg

Bali was really the eye opener. I LOVE the beach so the fact that everyone was just walking around in sundresses, board shorts, singlets and tanks giving off ultimate beachy vibes is one of the most pleasant experiences ever!! The weather was ridiculous (and I thought Singapore's heat was unbearable but Bali really takes the cake) but thankfully, I get the excuse to wear less cloth around Bali without being labelled as inappropriate HAHHA.

We stayed at AmanKulKul which was directly located in front of the beach. Kuta was crowded, and bustling with tourists and street vendors that are always trying to sell something to you. We did A LOT of shopping at Kuta even though I thought I'd spend most of my time at Bali just chilling at the beach, tanning or sipping some ice cool coconut. But no, I shopped way more and even my sister and Brandon had the hell of a time shopping. Got myself a couple of tanktops, batik/floral shorts, pretty rompers and sundresses. I don't know if I'm ever gonna have a chance to wear them in Singapore but they are pretty cheap if you know how to bargain hehe.

The food there was alright, but Kuta beach was quite disappointing. Idk why I had the impression that beaches in Bali are super clean with crystal clear waters but they don't. The beach is dirtier than Singapore's and their waters are somewhat murky... The view was meh because it was quite cloudy that day so I didn't get any nice shots of the sunset sigh.
The best beach is still the one at one of Bintan's ulu no-man island (called White Sands Island by the villa) which I went with Brandon and his parents in 2013. I miss their soft white sand and super clear waters!!!!!!! And abundance of pretty seashells.

 photo IMG_9679_zps2b8b10b4.jpg
 photo IMG_9685_zps08268049.jpg
 photo IMG_9686_zps821818c8.jpg
 photo IMG_9688_zps74c399ba.jpg
 photo IMG_9689_zpsb42ff5f4.jpg
 photo IMG_9694_zps45d8467a.jpg
 photo IMG_9695_zps972c5354.jpg
 photo IMG_9691_zps68155cc4.jpg
 photo IMG_9693_zps4e8ac58d.jpg
 photo IMG_9696_zps48ac08f1.jpg
 photo IMG_9711_zps2273c811.jpg
 photo IMG_9719_zps344c81a4.jpg
 photo IMG_9720_zpsd4db1f04.jpg
 photo IMG_9716_zpsdc8ed0a2.jpg
 photo IMG_9721_zps5e328e31.jpg
 photo IMG_9702_zpscb88a40f.jpg
 photo IMG_9730_zpsd015f62d.jpg
 photo IMG_9745_zpsfa591da5.jpg
 photo IMG_9746_zps079c8ae8.jpg
 photo IMG_9729_zpsa0be06e0.jpg
 photo IMG_9749_zpsd093071c.jpg
 photo IMG_9753_zps1559d6e5.jpg
 photo IMG_9764_zpsb866dd18.jpg
 photo IMG_9766_zps14249a5e.jpg
 photo IMG_9768_zpsdb534a53.jpg
 photo IMG_9769_zps714ab39b.jpg
 photo IMG_9775_zps2a999c7b.jpg
 photo IMG_9776_zps793676c8.jpg
 photo IMG_9782_zps93ff2155.jpg
 photo IMG_9796_zps31197b2a.jpg
 photo IMG_9815_zps3e4e6bfe.jpg

The next early morning before we went to Ubud, we headed for water sports which I believe is out of Kuta since the car ride was kinda long. We tried parasailing, flying fish and tubing and it's damn fun!!!!
I think everyone should try parasailing at least once cause the view is really breath-taking (if you've no fear of heights) though I spent half my time wondering what would happen to me if the rope tying me to the boat were to break... LOL.
Flying fish was damn awesome. You basically go in pairs, so I went with my sister and we had the hell of a ride because the local that was riding with us was some yolo shit. But the best out of them all has got to be tubing!! We went as a family of 5 in one huge tube and man that was so crazy. I swear if I didn't gripped as tightly as I did, I would have bounced off the tube and died a terrible death at the sea. It's the crazy thrill you get you know??
But seriously if you ever try water sports, you need to go for tubing!!! Hopefully your ride will be as kickass as my family's because the local that was manning the boat was quite the sadist - he constantly laughed at our screams, and then increased speed to make another crazy swift turn in response to our hysteria.

I got sunburnt so damn bad after that. My shoulders hurt like hell with just cloth brushing against it and my face is now peeling. What a smart decision not to bring sunblock or aloe vera lotion belle.

 photo IMG_9818_zps69896d48.jpg
 photo IMG_9822_zpsc4d7f64f.jpg
 photo IMG_9836_zpsa41352b3.jpg
 photo IMG_9847_zps8dc1e2b8.jpg
 photo IMG_9849_zps69650bad.jpg
 photo 6C31D853-6CE8-49F2-9CCD-1E8AEFE692D6_zpszf0hs2tr.jpg  photo 4C4C0F64-3951-44B8-98C0-303DF50796D6_zpshqnahwke.jpg  photo B49C3497-9351-44FC-9AC8-68B43C15B63B_zpsj1pjv628.jpg

Our last destination was at Ubud, which is another spot in Bali that is less happening and more peaceful. We resided in this beautiful villa at Munari and even though they have super slow wifi and a shitty TV, the villa was so darn beautiful inside out!! Then again, it's quite small so I didn't capture much with my prime lens ):
But it was two-storeys and I really love that!!

While in Ubud, we went to tour around the villages, looking at paintings, wood sculpturing etc which the locals are really good at. Walking through galleries full of paintings really inspires me to paint myself, but god knows when will I have the time for these leisurely activities. And obviously, no cameras in the galleries so I didn't take any photos while we were inside.
We also went to see the making of the highly-raved and expensive Luwak Coffee, which are basically made through a civet cat's droppings of coffee berries. It was a damn cool process, looking at how they kind roasted it's shit (LOL) to become "the best coffee beans around".

 photo IMG_9881_zps01e8f1ab.jpg
 photo IMG_9884_zps8309acb1.jpg
 photo IMG_9897_zpsff436e97.jpg
 photo IMG_9922_zpsa4421d67.jpg
 photo IMG_9926_zpsf4409397.jpg
 photo IMG_9933_zps2522a29c.jpg
 photo IMG_9942_zpsd3b6b9c0.jpg  photo IMG_9943_zpsd40a12b1.jpg
 photo IMG_9945_zps38d9ca22.jpg
 photo IMG_9946_zps41ca8c6d.jpg  photo IMG_9948_zps5885ef69.jpg
 photo IMG_9952_zps92382451.jpg
 photo IMG_9955_zps789370df.jpg
 photo IMG_9980_zps9bf23a25.jpg
 photo IMG_9990_zpsb55fd20f.jpg
 photo IMG_9991_zpscc738685.jpg
 photo IMG_9996_zps76f97fc1.jpg
 photo IMG_9999_zpsbf00f28d.jpg
 photo IMG_0001_zpsb1f7e2c9.jpg
 photo IMG_0002_zpsa30c725b.jpg
 photo IMG_0020_zps7cee5757.jpg
 photo IMG_0032_zps634959ed.jpg
 photo IMG_0033_zpsa38c0704.jpg
 photo IMG_0034_zpsf514392c.jpg
 photo IMG_0035_zps53e50ac1.jpg
 photo IMG_0048_zps27500570.jpg
 photo IMG_0065_zpsa57aa1ad.jpg
 photo IMG_0075_zpsc0ad8b50.jpg
 photo 5F4B9225-E2EE-4B07-A673-2C871DC9465A_zpspubptpng.jpg   photo B691059F-532D-4619-8AB5-49A4FCF88BE3_zps8cr5lijx.jpg
 photo 1DFBED12-386E-471A-820F-392793EC7904_zpsfdickxiv.jpg

On the last day, me and Brandon made it a point to brave through the heavy rain to try out the BBQ which we went past the night before because it smelt so damn good. So we had our last lunch at Naughty Nuri's and we have no regrets getting our legs soaked on our way there. Their square ribs are so good!!
Our departure was quite peaceful, aside from the terrible traffic (like in Kuta and Jakarta) that could last up to a couple of hours. It was another 2 hours plus flight before we landed back in Singapore.

 photo E75CC7EF-FF8D-49EE-91C6-F904621F2AEC_zpsxcnbjrbb.jpg  photo D565C7A7-A878-494D-A822-49855E8CCE3E_zpsqwneywq0.jpg  photo C2E38C46-D87F-4A4E-BDCF-4389C3FB5BE8_zpsp27rkjvg.jpg

Life is really slow-paced at Bali. That made me feel so at ease, being able to do things at my own pace though work was constantly at the back of my mind (what a spoiler). It's such a huge contrast to the hustle and bustle in Singapore and I'm really thankful for my parents for planning this vacation, and for inviting Brandon to come along.
It definitely costs a bomb though, considering how they are paying for every one of my expenses while I was at Indonesia (food, shopping, drinks). It actually feels kind of weird not having to pay for anything myself for 7 days because I'm so used to spending my own hard-earned cash if I wanted to splurge on cakes or shopping but this time round, my parents only told me to save up for Japan and that they'll pay for this trip.
I am so damn grateful and during such occasions, it only reminds me how I really need to work harder. I should really start counting my blessings.

 photo EB224894-6362-4ADD-8727-05FF8A088859_zpsmrpzjsum.jpg  photo 59B6D3C8-2F65-4A59-B0C3-8CA65061EEF4_zps1zbmj4hz.jpg  photo 5C62D079-53D4-4E06-B274-5FD01AD9F395_zps6f9cayyp.jpg
 photo 23DADA31-EA1D-4BC0-A4E2-64B5C345DE1E_zpsajjrtpg6.jpg  photo 8065D32A-C59B-4A09-A7D1-60074376F1C8_zpsuol80lcy.jpg  photo 94305566-170D-40C4-BA8D-953828CF00B7_zpsnhhy4go6.jpg
 photo B0571EF5-439D-41F2-8FD6-D073F02F45EC_zpsreqtxt3m.jpg  photo D8874348-79A6-451A-94B6-C1638CCF5DA1_zps42twblos.jpg  photo 6DFD2D70-377A-404D-878E-69D9357D05B1_zpsfptvczni.jpg
 photo 970F3FD4-186D-47EF-8ED8-54ECC60B9908_zpstnzbceoc.jpg  photo 56E377AF-BDF2-493C-AF35-4DFFD68BA198_zpsfkapwven.jpg  photo 57F1CCB5-D4CE-4215-953D-E3E93D97611B_zpsqggsdggq.jpg

So that's about all for my 7D6N long kickass vacation!! I really had a lot of fun just eating, playing around without a care in the world with the people I love. Brandon is such a cutie you know and I finally got to travel with him again!!! Okay I'll save you the mushy crap but it's coming to the end of 2014 already OMG time really flies.

For today (or rather 30th since it's already past midnight), I spent it with Brandon and his group of poly friends for a late xmas celebration! I thought it was gonna be awkward as hell but his friends are all so nice and welcoming hehe. It's probably the first time I received this much presents at one go for Christmas. I'm really thankful for the invitation from Brandon's friends, and for having Brandon taking me out for the day.
I've been in my comfort bubble for far too long so today's social gathering was kind of nerve-wrecking initially, since I'm always too awkward when it comes to meeting new people. This is a step out and I'm glad I did so.

I wonder how the last of 2014 will follow. I haven't made any plans for 31st, but I hope it's going to be one crazy night - just like 2014 has been such a crazy year, though definitely not as bad as 2013. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

On a side note, this post took me more than 3 hours because of the uploading of photos and then coding them in -___- God I don't even know where I found the motivation to go through with blogging about my 7-day vacation. Gotta be my undying love for writing I guess.

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