I should count my blessings before they're all gone.

1:45 PM

I've been working my ass off almost everyday, whilst trying to juggle with my final assignments and projects. Honestly I don't know why but I can't wait for this week to be over. Thursday, 13th Feb is the due date for my final presentation and radio assignment and after that, I'M FREE.

Just 3 more days man, I need to press on.

Anyway, just this Saturday, I went to Arteastiq with Brandon and my family for dinner after my work. I've heard of the name and place many times before but I never really got the chance to drop by or have a meal there. But my dad got some vouchers for it and so we went!

Damn was the place beautiful and well, it obviously deserved some pictures right? I was totally obsessed with taking shots of their tea set because they make such pretty bokeh pictures!! Yeah okay. Mirabelle just being Mirabelle I get it.

 photo IMG_9542copy_zps38c35be3.jpg
 photo IMG_9533copy_zps58d497b8.jpg
 photo IMG_9540copy_zps743b1c4a.jpg
 photo IMG_9543copy_zpsb1e39aa6.jpg
 photo IMG_9557copy_zps9b3ae383.jpg
 photo IMG_9548copy_zps2e7971be.jpg

The first one was my dad's Oolong tea served with peach ice cream and biscotti. Followed by Brandon's Oolong tea served with lychee ice cream. Idk why they chose Oolong tea when you can get it simply at Gongcha for only $1.90 (LOL) but oh well. My mum got herself Pomelo tea with yuzu ice cream served gingerbread biscuits. Their gingerbread biscuits were damn spicy lol.
I got myself their French rose tea (did I mention how much I love them) with vanilla champagne ice cream and chocolate biscotti!

And yeah more pictures of our food.

 photo IMG_9567copy_zpsc30efdb4.jpg
 photo IMG_9570copy_zpsf49326e3.jpg
 photo IMG_9576copy_zpsd4b27596.jpg
 photo IMG_9579copy_zpsf2b83381.jpg
 photo IMG_9583copy_zps62528a2a.jpg
 photo IMG_9591copy_zps1b4097a2.jpg

Loved their wraps even though I hate veggies. Their mushroom soup was damn good too!! I basically loved everything I tried there and though the serving seemed kinda small, we were all surprisingly filled by it!

Oh and they have this art room just right beside their tea house. I heard that you got to book a session or something to paint their but damn was the art room gorgeous.

The ground was splatted in paint, palettes with unfinished paint was lying all over and so were buckets of water which many brushes are dipped in. It had this really homely and artsy feel that I really like about it ^-^
Kinda reminds me of how I used to want an art room all to myself hahaha.

 photo IMG_9526copy_zps75d0db51.jpg
 photo IMG_9514copy_zps3e1197c9.jpg
 photo IMG_9521copy_zps4356ffc6.jpg
 photo IMG_9603copy_zpscff817bc.jpg
 photo IMG_9597copy_zpsf4a495df.jpg

Idk why we both look so awkward here and my eyes are so damn small asdfghjkl.

The food trip ended with a short visit to Kino hehe. Just my kinda day.

Oh and just yesterday, while me and Brandon went to Bugis Plus, we wounded up participating in some Teenage magazine couple search thing HAHAHA LOL. It's so damn weird cause we were both just walking around aimlessly deciding what to have for dinner when we were approached by this lady who kinda dragged us into the booth and gave us forms to fill.
I was giving Brandon the awkward look asking him if we should just go but somehow, we ended filling up the form and off I go to get my make up done LOL yes things happened just like that.

I didn't put on any make up that day. Actually, I almost don't put on any make up at all because I'm kinda lazy and I don't really see the need to yet... (though I don't deny that I do feel kinda plain and boring in comparison to many other girls) so when I got mine done, Brandon was saying that I looked pretty hehe!! It was his first time seeing me in them.
We took a few damn awkward photos and just like that we were done and rewarded with goodie bags and a couple of free gifts. I should have saw that coming since Teenage always gave away freebies on certain occasions when I still bought their magazine.

I think it was out of character for both of us to join something like this but it actually turned out kinda fun? HAHAHA the most unexpected events are the most exciting after all. Afterwards we kinda floated around trying some perfumes before we finally decided on dining at Everything with Fries!

It's not my first eating EwF but it was the first time I was a patron at Bugis Plus' outlet. It was another day with great food and great company ^^ It was kinda like a pre-valentine's day dinner I guess since we won't be dining out with all the crazy couple crowd on Friday.
So that's a weekend of us indulging for you. I even had EwF's Nutelle lava mug that came with ice cream and I know how sinful that is T-T

So much for clean eating Mirabelle. I've been slacking off with my workouts so much, and have been eating loads of junk lately. Damn I better get back into shape and watch what I eat during the holidays.
I need to do this fitness thing through and get it right.

Well, till next time then xx.

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