And I start to see why some things are ephemeral.

1:11 AM

It's been 3 days of CNY!!!

This year's CNY has pretty much feels for me because I was practically down with work on New Year's Eve (which the crowd from NTUC had me worked my ass off that day). Otherwise, it didn't really feel much like CNY because there were a couple of graded assignments which I had to work my calendar around, and because I had barely any time to shop for the festive season.

I remember heading to town with Zhiyi on days when my classes ended early so that I could get something decent for CNY, but our trip ended in less than 4 hours because I can never find anything I fancy. The results were the same when I went with Brandon and my sister. I swear the clothes everywhere was just meh.
I resorted to online shopping a week before CNY but all blogshops failed on me because they are either 1) no longer taking orders or 2) not doing meet ups so you can't receive your parcel till after CNY

In the end, I was just like screw it I'll just wear what I rewear the same stuff I wore before. I got a few negative criticisms from a couple of people (LOL) but argh I don't really wanna think about it.

BUT LO AND BEHOLD on the very first day of CNY, I was digging up all my floral and reddish/pinkish hue apparels and they were quite a pile. I found my day 1 outfit, which I bought from Bangkok and have never worn once because I had been too fat for it, and outfits for the subsequent days on their respective mornings. For once I am so grateful for my impulsive buys hahaha. But then again it reminds me that I should probably rent out a booth on flea to clear my stuff.

 photo 8252B621-A65B-4270-94F4-767F2A725D2F_zpspwifwczp.jpg photo EABF1A7F-4DB6-486B-86C9-56876FED2C6F_zpsbspljnoe.jpg photo 0D295921-E962-416B-9B63-1901D2CB5269_zpsskjjpx8n.jpg photo 91203038-5092-475C-8160-B67AA0AC7E31_zpsak6gn611.jpg photo 50040688-D078-43D1-9E8A-579D6FBAF92B_zpsykmf6fi0.jpg photo 4F4DD133-1077-4976-B6BE-9EF23C1FA2DE_zpsvhfbj5xr.jpg

House visiting was alright. There wasn't much to visit and I spent most of my time with relatives who I was super comfortable with so it wasn't as unenjoyable and painful as I anticipated. I got more angbaos than I expected. I didn't get to see my boy until I crashed his place when his friends were over with Victor, Trisha and Miaolin. Yeah I know it was cunning of me but wellllllll. Drank a little that night and headed home only at like 4AM.

Today's the day 3 of CNY and the primary school group kinda just left my crib a while ago after having dinner, a tarot card reading and  gambling session. Damn I miss those guys cause it has really been a while since all seven of us were present. And we didn't even take a full group photo to commemorate the day... ):
Oh well I hope we'll be visiting someone else's place next week.

That pretty much summarises my festive holiday which I enjoyed myself a lot, unexpectedly. It's a well deserved break before I speed past my final assignments and presentations for the next two weeks. Just two more weeks to the next holiday I can do this.

Anyway I'm currently working on a couple of head pieces once again. Actually, I'm already done with them so I'll share some of the pictures here on my next post! Please do support me and purchase from me ^^ It's not the best excuse but I need some funding for Valentine's day LOL.

Andddd that's about it. Can't wait to upload them head pieces!!

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