Picture perfect memories.

3:46 PM

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Did you spot yourself? Heh.

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I was procrastinating my study time for tomorrow's CT when I came across decided to fumble through my stack of prints and instaxs. For once, I decided to finally be a more organised person and compiled all of my instaxs together because before that, they were all over the place - my purse, camera bag, book shelf etc. When I did, I realised that I probably spent about $150 on my instaxs alone already. What a hobby.

Despite the 100+ instaxs, half of them were really terrible shots though. I don't really see the point in taking selfies with my mini8s (with the exception of celebratory events of course) so I often experiment with landscape shots and whatnot. I know an instax mini 8s is not made to shoot landscape but that's what I got for my birthday, so it'll do just fine. Btw the 600 films are taken with Zhiyi's polaroid.
But for the first half, my takes are so terrible because it's either 1) overexposed or 2) too close to focus. It breaks my heart to know that I'm throwing in cash to blank white shots but I'm determined to improve so, I kept throwing in my monthly pay check in anyway. Practice makes perfect though, so yay.

But now that I've been on a hiatus with my film cameras and polaroid, looking back at these instaxs and polaroids is really nostalgic. It's a different feeling from looking at digital images on my laptop.

It's high time I start shooting film again huh.

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