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I just got back from Bintan last night. But I couldn't pull myself together to blog cause I was sea sick.
It's kinda weird because I wasn't suffering from it throughout the whole duration of my trip, but only a couple of hours after my arrival back at Singapore. So yeah I got seasick while on land. Which is well, weird. And I never once suffered from motion sickness or anything like that... I feel like a weakling to succumb to such an illness. It's nothing severe, but it feels a little like I'm suffering from vertigo.
My parents said it was probably because I travelled on boats a lot, and yeah I guess that's it cause throughout the past three days, I really boated around a couple of times. I hope this illness quickly tides over.

Anyway, the terrible things aside, I had the time of my life while I was at Bintan with my boy and his family! If you're wondering whether I fear the awkwardness, well duh. Who wouldn't when it comes to travelling with someone else's parents (and your boyfriend's at that).

But no fear was gonna stop me from travelling. Nu-uh. It was far too good an opportunity to give up. It turned out to be a blast, and I'm so thankful for how fearless and semi thick-skinned I am to have accepted the invitation. It was sooooo worth it. And I got to know his family better too.

Well, here's my 3D2N Bintan trip through my iPhone!

 photo IMG_3631_zps1137e143.jpg photo IMG_3316_zpsf2535416.jpg photo IMG_3304_zps1b596c49.jpg photo IMG_3317_zpsc3aa57bb.jpg photo IMG_3295_zpsfc310674.jpg photo IMG_3297_zps0c0a7b05.jpg
1. Taken while on ferry to Bintan  //  2. Mini van ride to Bintan Spa Villa  //  3. Day 1's ootd  //  4. Dress details  //  5. Greeted with a low tide on the first afternoon  //  6. Massage house which we went to after the long travel

 photo IMG_3299_zps4d69c507.jpg photo IMG_3302_zpsbba69492.jpg photo IMG_3484_zps3842e106.jpg photo 2f1fe211-55b8-4b10-8232-5454a39a1d5b_zpsc3abf4c5.jpg photo IMG_3422_zps2ca58946.jpg photo IMG_3424_zps964016fd.jpg
1. Relaxing by the beach with the lovely sea breeze  //  2. I love coconut  //  3. Jacuzzi spot with no jacuzzi in picture cause I think my silhouette's cooler  //  4. Day 2's breakfast buffet  //  5. Sea port of Tanjong Penang far away from Bintan Spa Villa  //  6. While on the boat to tour another island

 photo IMG_3427_zps447040e1.jpg photo IMG_3426_zps3f29b853.jpg photo IMG_3428_zpse6cf0d90.jpg photo IMG_3429_zps0fc8f8d9.jpg photo IMG_3432_zps0fd19fcd.jpg photo IMG_3431_zps43c168ff.jpg
1. The other sea port which we disembarked at  //  2. The lane which I thought deserved a photo  //  3. Temple visiting  //  4. The twin kittens that followed us the whole temple trip  //  5. Road to Kampung area  //  6. Brandon leading the way

 photo IMG_3433_zps3b5b1183.jpg photo IMG_3434_zps208bcf1a.jpg photo IMG_3436_zps583f43a7.jpg photo IMG_3437_zps1611515b.jpg photo IMG_3442_zps8bb438f9.jpg photo IMG_3445_zps6a8adef4.jpg
1. Back of the Kampung houses  //  2. Trees growing on top of a temple  //  3. The 325 year-old temple which royalty once resided in  //  4. More Kampung houses on stilts  //  5. Old windows with an old man smoking inside  //  6. The corridor of one of those houses

 photo IMG_3447_zpsad884f29.jpg photo IMG_3418_zps8c695968.jpg photo IMG_3449_zps08ba1142.jpg photo IMG_3450_zps57ce1fc2.jpg photo IMG_3525_zps6a8eec08.jpg photo IMG_3528_zps12aa88c4.jpg
1. Picture taken by uncle Tan before we went back to Tanjong Penang  //  2. Boat's view of houses along the sea port  //  3. Streets of Tanjong Penang  //  4. Stray cat sleeping beneath the wheels of the car we're traveling in (it would have died if the car moved forward)  //  5. Virgin try - chill crab for dinner  //  6. Twilight back at Bintan Spa Villa

 photo IMG_3477_zps1d0e9d95.jpg photo IMG_3527_zps1bc349e2.jpg photo IMG_3531_zps8255eaf9.jpg photo IMG_3535_zps852b406f.jpg photo IMG_3533_zps83c61f6b.jpg photo IMG_3530_zps79ff0746.jpg

1. Rising tide  //  2. From the view of our room's balcony at the break of dawn on Day 3  //  3. Waiting for sunrise from 5.45AM local time  //  4. Sunrise  //  5.  Pretty lamp  //  6. My fat feet against the sand

 photo IMG_3610_zps9cd747a8.jpg photo IMG_3612_zps3ef2febe.jpg photo IMG_3614_zps0d43d9ac.jpg photo IMG_3613_zpsead0eeaa.jpg photo IMG_3611_zps0b44b3a4.jpg photo IMG_3616_zps8d7f6614.jpg
1. Getting on the speedboat at 8AM  //  2. Ready for White Sands Island  //  3. Boat's view of the sea view villa  //  4. My excited self with my not-so-excited face  //  5. Frowning Brandon with his thick eyebrows  //  6.  White Sands Island and its white sand

 photo IMG_3615_zps79dbf5b9.jpg photo IMG_3618_zps858ce937.jpg photo IMG_3623_zps4345439a.jpg photo IMG_3619_zpsfd76e3a6.jpg photo IMG_3621_zps2e22d451.jpg photo IMG_3608_zps15df17ef.jpg
1. Getting ready for a dip in the crystal clear waters  //  2. Another view of the beach  //  3. Clean soft sand  //  4. Day 3's ootd at the beach  //  5. Picture which I forced Brandon into  //  6. I sell seashells on White Sand's seashore

 photo IMG_3708_zps6c12af11.jpg
 photo IMG_3706_zps23ed6a47.jpg
 photo IMG_3448_zps4d723e8b.jpg
 photo IMG_3504_zps4591fb0f.jpg
Panorama shots.

I brought my polaroid and superheadz camera too but I shall upload the other photos together some other time (maybe) once I've got the films processed.
I dipped into crystal clear waters, ate chili crab, went around Kampung houses on stilts and much much more for the very first time in the 17 years I have lived so far. That's a couple of things ticked off my bucket list! Not that I had an exhaustive list to begin with but, it's always been on the back of my mind.
But I so miss the food there because its spiciness is just damn shiok la and I need more of it. Undoubtedly, I ate a lot during this trip and didn't watch my diet at all so I've probably gotten fatter. Time to get back into shape again huh.

I can't wait to travel again during my next semester break in February. Hopefully, I'll get to go Japan this time because I've been dying to since 2 years ago and I still haven't got the chance to.

Travels aside, I just got a haircut today. I didn't get a new fancy style or anything, just chopped off a good three inches of my too-long hair and trimmed my fringe. I think I might have regretted my decision a little cause it feels a little too short now argh.

Damn hair can you pls pls pls grow like an inch longer by Christmas?

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