Comfort in these smallest things.

8:20 AM

Looking back at my older posts, I realised how those 2-3 weeks gaps between them sometimes remain a mystery. I could barely remember how I spend my days. And so, I'm going to make a conscious effort to blog, and to archive my days :)

Yesterday's been a good day for me - I caught up with my bbf (best boy/guy friend) and bffs. I haven't seen Kelvin, much less had a decent chat with him since forever but my random tweet at 1pm then prompted him to ask me out on a lunch date! So yeap. It has always been a usual for us both, including Zhiyi and Ziman occasionally. There's this thing about impromptu lunch dates like these that make me feel so nostalgic, especially since it felt like it was back to those post O levels days.

We talked about school, crapped about how "happening" our respective lives could possibly be, and of course reminisced the good ol' times. I almost forgot how easy conversations were supposed to flow, considering how over the past few months, I've just been keeping mum when it comes to interacting with people.

I met up with the bffs (kelvin ziman zhiyi) again at night after Zhiyi's work. We used to do this quite often but I guess with the JC kids promos and the poly kids assignments (and whatnots), it kinda stopped for a long while. I don't really care if it's gay of me to admit this but I was kinda excited that zhizikemi finally has a reunion again. I really missed the gay fags.
I won't deny the fact that poly has changed me somehow, for better or for the worse. And yesterday, over Xinwang's dessert, I kinda realised that all of us did too after entering our respective tertiary institutions, somehow. But the company didn't. And that, is something I pretty much seek solace in.
I'm looking forward to spending New Year's eve with em bunch.

It's about 8:12AM now and I'm leaving my place in a couple more minutes to the Tanah Merah ferry terminal. I'm so excited for Bintan!! Heheh the start of the term break has been awesome to me.

I'll blog again once I'm back.

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