It all began at the end of my comfort zone.

1:28 PM

This must be one of the greatest starts to 2017.

As most of you may know, I've been working on creating more travel content to share with the public, hoping that my itineraries or visuals will be able to help any aspiring travellers with the planning of their own adventures. And to of course, create compelling and beautiful imagery to the places I've been - not just for my own nostalgic purposes, but hopefully for something more as well.

And it happened!!!

My solo backpacking story to New Zealand is now up on TripZilla magazine! It took me a while to get the feature crafted the way I wanted it to (that means re-editing my old blog post a couple of times since I realised the old log wasn't very helpful), but now it's finally live on the online travel magazine site!

For any aspiring solo travelers, I hope this article would motivate you to go ahead and just do what you've only been dreaming to do. I was there once, being afraid and on the fence about travelling alone but after I decided to just set out to do it, I never regretted my decision. Till today, the experience the Oceania country offered me while I was flying solo still left me awestruck.

Or if you would like some insight into solo travelling and why people do it, you should check the article out too!

If you're planning to visit New Zealand and don't really know where to start for your planning, you can check out my visual itinerary from my previous posts linked down below! New Zealand is more than just a place with magnificient sights.

▶ Backpacking New Zealand (Part 1) - Why I backpacked solo
▶ Backpacking New Zealand (Part 2) - Tekapo
▶ Backpacking New Zealand (Part 3) - Mountain Cook
▶ Backpacking New Zealand (Part 4) - Cromwell & Makaroa
▶ Backpacking New Zealand (Part 5) - Wanaka
▶ Backpacking New Zealand (part 6) - Queenstown & Christchurch

If you have any other questions regarding how NZ was like, feel free to drop me a message ( and I'll be happy to help. :)

On an entirely different note, the festives for the past three weeks kept me waaaaaay too busy. Weekdays were jam packed with work for the peak season, but I like that there's more things to look forward to now as the new year comes around. Christmas was spent with Han and my favourite other couple, and NYE was with the secondary school bunch, and both nights were nothing short of amazing. 2016 ended in high spirits for me, and I'm super stoked for 2017.

I also I had a lot of work to catch up on after all that celebrations... Which explains why I haven't got around to blogging about Melbourne but I will get there soon!! I'm done with most of my post production for my photos so I'm just left with the blogging part haha.

The post (what people never tell you about roadtripping in Aussie) will probably be out next week, so stick by this space. :')

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