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Melbourne was nothing short of breathtaking.

It was sort of an impromptu idea to fly to Melbourne. Just about a week before our intended flight date, we planned our itinerary, booked the necessary tickets and accommodation and packed our bags just hours before we flew off. Not the way I way I intended to spend my pay but... The spontaneous trip was a good respite. Minor updates are up on my Instagram, if you're wondering what we were up to! 

I think I've been holidaying waaaaay too much for 2016, but at the same time I've been hoping to make traveling and all these content creation my job, instead of something that's just a hobby. While my trips were all sort of a vacation, I've been working on the visual storytelling aspects of my travels too. Melbourne included.

So anyway, more visuals to come your way! I'll probably start off with a guide to Road Tripping in Melbourne (or Australia) for my first post, so stay tuned for that if you're planning on your own self drives in the future. And to end off the Melbourne series, I'll be doing up a video as well! Not sure how long that's going to take me but more updates on it as we go :')

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