Autumn in Japan - Video Travelogue

11:49 PM

I know I promised to get this video up by Saturday... But my Singtel modem was down for almost the whole of yesterday, and I didn't want to risk uploading my video with my 3G (even though Today reported that Singtel would waive off the charges) because the video is far too huge a file.

So anyway, here's my visual travelogue on Japan's beautiful streets, temples and delectable cuisine! 12 days in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, captured in early October when the leaves just began to fall. All footages are shot on a Canon 6D, 24-70mm L lens :)

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I guess this is the start of my YouTube travel channel! I'm not sure how long it's going to take but I'm hoping to make this work, so dear friends who've been supporting me, thank you!!! It's been quite the hectic week, rushing through colour grading and editing and just coming up with this final product.

I'll admit, this is not the best video... I was kind of disappointed (at myself) because I didn't focus some of my footages properly, which explains some clips in the first minute was kinda blur. But I still used them anyway lol it's such a crime. I'll work on them and make my next video (which will be on my next travel real soon) better!!! Promise!!

So here's the start to another one of my ventures hehe. Check out my other travel posts on Japan if you haven't, links are down below!

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