Roadtrippin' Perth (Part 5) - Caversham Wildlife Park

6:52 PM

Here's the final installment for our five-part Western Australia road trip, where we headed to Caversham Wildlife Park to spend our last few hours in Perth before heading back to Singapore.


Travel time: 40min (Northern Perth to Caversham)
Total distance travelled: 1269km

Around this time, we have already travelled more than 1500km on the road with lummy, based on the distance calculator (a built-in function of lummy's) that Kelvin started right from the moment we started on our journey. I guess the other 200++ km includes all the night drives to hunt for food, and the detours we made to explore some inhabited terrains.

The Caversham Wildlife Park is not that much different from a zoo, except for the fact that they have this kangaroo zone where you're allowed to enter to pet the animals. The best part? Free snacks are available for you to feed the kangaroos!! I guess this was the main attraction that lured all three of us to pay Caversham a visit, despite its $27AUD entry fee.

You know how other petting zoos/parks usually place an exorbitant price tag on their measly pack of animal food, just because they know we damn tourists will pay for it anyway lol. But at Caversham, it's free!! Considering their relatively pricey entry ticket, I guess it's only reasonable for the snacks to be free. The Singaporean blood runs deep in me lolol #cheapskate

The kangaroos are such a joy to be around just look at some of their poses/faces LOL. And somehow our group photos with the kangaroos really seem to be more like a family portrait HAHAH.

^See that albino kangaroo in the middle

Thereafter, we also went to this petting farm (they called it Molly's farm) where they had goats, geese, pigs?? And a couple of other farm animals.

There was this goat that couldn't stop chewing Zhiyi's shirt lolol it was quite funny. We managed to catch it on video with some of the kangaroos' antics as well so, wait for it hehe. Zhiyi and I (mostly Zhiyi actually, I'm just being annoying) are almost done with the trip video, so hopefully we can get it posted up by the coming weekend!

But after spending about two to three hours at the wildlife park, we drove back to Ace (our car rental place) and took their free shuttle van service back to the airport. Not bad, the rental service even includes sending us back to the airport so we didn't have to spend any extra $$ on Uber :')

I left Perth with a heavy heart because I wasn't ready for my vacation to be over just yet... But work is piling back in Singapore and I have jobs to be responsible for so, goodbye Aussie. Until I save up enough to travel again.

That's pretty much it for our road trip! It's been a pretty chill 8D7N, and if there's anything I miss, it's the weather and its less hectic lifestyle. Not the food though, definitely not the food.

In the past month I've spent updating about my travels, I've been pretty much busy with work, some external projects and one or two cafe trips. I'll be blogging about them soon. :)

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