Roadtrippin' Perth (Part 4) - Perth and Fremantle

10:25 PM

For Day 5, we spent majority of our hours on the road since it was a long ride from Geraldton back to Perth. Upon reaching the city, we checked into our next airbnb apartment before exploring our neighbourhood.

Travel time: 4h 30min (Geraldton to Northern Perth)
Total distance covered: 1203km

That night, we managed to find the Chinatown of Perth,  where all the Asians and their cuisines are gathered. It's mainly located around/along William Street, so if you're craving for some Asian cuisine while you're at Perth, you should explore that area cause it really feels like home... HAHA.

So while we were there, we chanced upon this Korean restaurant called Sun BBQ, that takes pride in its Korean Chicken. We loved it and you should go there. Each set is probably about 30AUD but the serving is huge (enough for three) so it's worth your every penny. It opens late afternoon up to 2AM on weekends (which is so much later than your typical 8-9pm restaurants everywhere else), so it's really no excuse to miss it!! We went to dabao some of their chicken for our drinking session on our last night too.

318 William St, Northbridge WA 6003, Australia

Sadly, our 30AUD dinner went up by another 120AUD when we realised we got a parking fine... :') Because we were starving and had such a hard time trying to find a parking lot in the Chinatown area, we parked along this stretch that everyone parked at as well, thinking "aiya we won't so suey kena ticket one la".

Guess the summon auntie is not sparing us even at Perth. :')
Everyone else who parked along the stretch had a ticket as well lol. Honestly when we saw the white slip all of us were not sure how to react, because it wasn't unexpected but to be this unlucky?? To comfort ourselves, we settled with the thought that dinner is 50AUD per person. So friends, please be more mindful of the road rules because another friend of mine (and her friends) also got a speeding fine of 400AUD while they were at Perth too. At least ours was only 120...

On Day 6, we woke up pretty early and begun our journey to Fremantle! We planned for it to be a day trip since we still wanted to stay in Perth for our last night. Before heading to Fremantle though, we made a short detour to the highly famed and photogenic Blue Boat House.


Travel time: 10min (from Northern Perth)
Total distance covered: 1209km

Yeah, everyone of us had a go at taking some really posey shots. We happened to go at a time where no other tourists was at the Boat House so we had the whole backdrop to ourselves hehe.

Next stop, Fremantle!


Travel time: 25min (from Blue Boat House)
Total distance covered:  1224km

The main thing that attracted us to Fremantle are the Fremantle Weekend Markets, which opens on Fridays and over the weekends. Their market bar, featuring a variety of food stalls and various trinkets, were what lured us.

The only bane was that everything was kind of pricey, and the price was not exactly justified for every item. The dudes got this beef jerky thing that costed them 10AUD but (according to them) it was not consumable. My 5AUD yogurt ice cream and 10AUD Acai smoothie were super good though!

We had our late lunch at Cicerello's since it was highly raved, particularly for their Fish & Chips. The guys got some other seafood platter as well. Our verdict? It was nice, but we personally thought that the family owned one at Dongara was better.

Thereafter we explored more of Fremantle, where everyone was kind of crazy about Pokemon Go at one of the parks. At that point in time, Pokemon Go had yet to hit Singapore so Kelvin was the only one going crazy about it while Zhiyi and I were just judging him the whole time lol.
Damn it we should have started our Pokemon master journey earlier while we could!!

I also got a lot of my Adidas stuff at a discounted price while at Fremantle/Perth :')

We made our way back to Northern Perth around the late evening and the traffic in the CBD area was almost as bad as Sg's. And of course, this time we found a proper carpark to park our car (even though it was kinda costly hourly) because one fine is enough a lesson to discourage us from breaking other road rules.

Travel time: 30min (Fremantle to Northern Perth)
Total distance covered: 1249km

I'll cover Day 7 (our last day) of our road trip where we headed to the Caversham Wildlife Park in the next post! Expect super adorable pictures of friendly kangaroos!!
Also, our video is about halfway through and I'm so stoked to have it up. In another week's time, perhaps.

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