You were a mistake I wish I never made.

8:54 PM

One month of 2016 has passed by just like that??

January whizzed by way too quickly. I thought that everything would be smooth-sailing for the start of the year, but life always has a way to throw you a curveball when you least expect it huh.

Internship is almost coming to an end in a couple more days, and I'm almost done with most of my projects with the exception of final presentation and report, and my last poetry assignment for my creative writing mod. Seems like I survived this semester after all.

Even though I still have another week to go, I'm pretty much in the celebrative mood already...
Just last Saturday, it was CCHY reunion with the bros (classmates from 3F'11/4F'12) and because I procrastinated booking the bbq pit till the last week, we ended up having steamboat at Kelvin's place instead! Huehue actually it was all part of my plan la... But thank you bff for hosting.

 photo 58940DC5-38A7-4529-8E24-076BCCFDAD25_zpsi9dhlgc3.jpg  photo 1011D8A1-1476-409D-86F6-CEE1BF9002EB_zpso6q4ti4d.jpg

I don't think anyone uses maggie mee for steamboat, but we did LOL. And we got waaaay too much food. But the night was pretty fun with some drinking games at the end of it all. I think I cut down a lot on drinking lately so I guess my liver won't be failing on me so soon :')

For my other weekends, I've met up with Arif, Bryan and Jolaine to just chill and catch up. Then of course there's meeting Ziman and Trisha every other day just to... Idk we're always doing nothing but something. And of course there's some other individuals as well.
My new year resolution is to keep my close ones closer and be nice to everyone until they give me a reason not to. I think it has been going well so far.

February is already here. Valentine's day is in two weeks and honestly I'm not looking forward to it at all. What do you do when all your best friends are attached/down with NS ):

But still, looking forward to CNY and the coming weekend with some of the childhood friends!!

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