Facade Wall for Ngee Ann Poly School of Film & Media Studies

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Finally got around to blogging after being away from this space for so long. I haven't been up with much other than intern (what's new) and maybe I'll blog about some of my other weekend shenanigans soon. But for now, it's finally four more weeks to the end of intern!!

I've been counting down to the days and omg I seriously cannot wait for it to end. 18 days (minus public holidays and weekends) seem so near yet so far...

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Featured: FMS Wall Facade
Client: School of Film & Media Studies (Ngee Ann Polytechnic)
Graphic Designer: Mirabelle Koh

After selling my soul to Adobe Illustrator for WEEKS, with a couple of changes back and forth, the wall design that I've done for my school is up!
The vendor actually came down and got the wall all done up on the first week of January, just before Open House for the polytechnics started. But I've had my hands full so I only got around to photographing the entire length of it a few days ago.

I think I burnt quite a lot of my brain cells just in the planning phase of this project, trying to decide what to draw, how to design and where to place them. I think the objects I'm most proud of would be the FMS building, the cinema and the dinosaur!
If you followed me on my snapchat story, you would have seen the early stages of some of my work (and how I cry every time I'm working on them). The dinosaur was initially supposed to be some godzilla-looking creature, and my first attempt was horrendously cancerous LOL.

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing the fruits of your labour :')

Thank you to the friends who helped me along the way, giving me feedback and advices when I endlessly bugged them with random pictures of the beginning stages hehe. And I couldn't have done it with the guidance from my lecturers too.

So my biggest and most time-consuming project for intern is now completed! It took me slightly more than a month to design everything and honestly, I was already burning out towards the end.
But it's nice to know that I was able to do something for my school just before I graduate, especially since it'll be there for the next couple of years.

Definitely not a bad way to start my 2016! May more projects and job opportunities come my way as I work harder on my portfolio this year :)

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