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The preview for Studio Hanawa's second collection is now up on Facebook! There's another giveaway for our second collection and this time, it will be e-vouchers given to two winners!! Click here to view the newest arrivals coming your way this Friday!

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 photo IMG_8656_zps44a97340.jpg  photo IMG_8851_zps708dcfe2.jpg
 photo IMG_8854_zps3abee068.jpg  photo IMG_8651_zpsdc72e8bb.jpg
 photo IMG_8842_zps5a585ba2.jpg  photo IMG_8655_zpsdb3a07e7.jpg

As usual, one week before the launch of a new collection is always the most hectic. Aside from working on new headpieces and using your brain juices to think of ideas, you'll have to spend another huge amount of time just taking outdoor and studio photos. Then, there's editing, deciding on names and prices and description for every single piece. But above everything else, I hate taking measurements the most -____-
Well technically there isn't much for me to measure but I just hate it!!!

This collection has far more statement pieces (which I really adore). I think it was a big achievement for me to break out of my comfort zone to make something different. And I think it turned out well. Huge kudos to Brandon for being my photographer this time round too!! Looks like my boy has finally gotten the art of photography after much nagging HAHAHA I kid. But he really did a good job, and I didn't force him into it okay he wanted the job LOL.

The official launch will be tmr (22nd Nov), 8PM so be sure to visit our site!

As for Studio Hanawa's debut on Zalora, we already have a few items up on Marketplace! I'm still in the works of getting all of them up on their site but they should be up by tomorrow as well.

So keep your eyes peeled for our next release! It's a kaleidoscope of colours this collection and I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find one that you fancy. :)

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