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1. New salad store at Ngee Ann Poly which I'm in love with // 2. TFIOS with my boy before camp on 13th // 3. strawberry banana nice cream for lunch // 4.ootd to grandma's place for sissy's belated birthday last saturday // 5. greek yogurt topped with fruits, nuts and seeds // 6. ootd for last night's dinner date @ Menichi

I'm neglecting this space even though it's my term break gosh. Not that this break was much of a breather actually. It's jam-packed with camps and assignments ):

So well, here is me blogging on a Sunday, the last day of my term break.

I was down with two camps on the first week of my term break, each lasting three days with only one day's worth of rest in between. Quite hectic, I'd say but I definitely had a lot of fun. 

It was my very first time signing up for Youth Leaders Camp and I got Apache's Tribe Leader despite it being my first run. I was all nerves and insecurities but thank god for my awesome SLs that were there to help me through it all ;) And I got really, really nice campers as well!! Honestly, I couldn't be more grateful for the chance given to me to lead (though I'd say I'm as quiet as a mouse except when it comes to cheers), and the bonds I fostered with some of the campers who are just so sweet. Now, I understand what my seniors mean when they say personal touch. Hahaha. 

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I had to step out of my comfort zone, a lot. Ever since coming into poly, I guess I've somehow become more reserved and into my own world than I'd like. Leading cheers is one thing, but having to act in a skit performance for all campers is another. Then there was conversing with people whom I've never met before (campers) which is something I suck at miserably because I'm the most awkward person but I'm so glad for all the nice campers!! And because I'm not very good with names, I took attendance most of the time just so I could identify my campers' faces with their names LOL. But hey I dare say I remember all of them now. YLC20 is certainly an eye opener and I'm so thankful for being a part of it. And I guess the best part of it all is knowing the campers enjoyed it as much as you do. I cannot explain how good it feels to know you've impacted your campers in the way YLC does. Plus some campers gave me notes and the polaroids we've taken together so it's a really heartwarming experience ;)
I guess the night spent stressing over the Apaches' cheer, which I'm not familiar with because I was never an Apache, and the skit plot with the SLs was all worth it. This is probably the highlight of my entire term break. 

Aside from YLC20, there was the Ambassador's Training & Bonding camp and getting to meet all the new year1s is quite refreshing! I'm not a fan of change but the year1s this year are all soooo cute!! Hahaha there are just so many friendly people around and maybe this ambassadorial year will be better than the previous :) I hope.
In fact, poly life for me has been turning for the better. Or maybe I'm just getting accustomed to everything. But oh well either way it's for the good. 

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Just the previous Thursday, I also had my long awaited beach outing!!! I've been aching to feel the sand in between my toes and wear my sundress and I finally got what I wanted after whining to Brandon for a very long time hahah. And cause my sister was having her holidays too, I got her to come along hehe.

My sister just bought herself a monopod/selfie stick from carousell lately, and although I always thought it was gay to take pictures with a selfie stick, it is actually damn fun?! LOL. I couldn't stop spamming selfies or taking videos. It was a good afternoon spent playing frisbee and getting tanned, just what I needed in between all the Newswriting and Web design assignments which I've been losing hair over the remaining of my break. 
I got to dine at some Japanese cuisine last night with Brandon too (finally some sashimi which I've been craving since forever) so my holidays was well spent. Other than a screwed up body clock from gaming everyday till 4AM which I have to reset, I can now go to school tomorrow with an open mind and heart! Or that's what I'm telling myself.

Hope you've been enjoying your break as much as I have!

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