It's so much colder than I thought it would be.

6:03 PM

I'm forsaking the time I should be spending on my graded assignments to blog. It's just 3 more days to my the term break, but I'm already in the holiday mood. And this is bad. I still have two due assignments this week, none which I have started, and such a carefree attitude simply does not sit well with incomplete work ):

Well anyway, I thought I should update this space a little. It annoys me how school takes up so much of my time I barely have the time to blog anymore (for the record, this blogpost took 1 hour to draft, and to code the pictures). If that's not it, it's how the things happening around me, or the lack thereof, makes no worthy mention. 
The past two weeks has been hell for me cause I've been crazy loaded with work which practically every single one of my fellow course mates also gave up sleep for. It's been quite a ride and I almost fell ill to fever/flu a couple of times, but I guess my stronger immune system has been fighting them off. Been working my butt off at the gym just for last weekend!!

A couple of months ago, I signed up for National Vertical Marathon 2014!! With Ziman, Zhiyi, Kelvin and Victor, for the Team Open category. It's my virgin experience at NVM, likewise for everyone else except Kelvin. I wish I could say we were all stoked... But not all of us were LOL. Some of us didn't train. I, on the other hand, did not catch sufficient sleep over the past few days (blame it on school) and the night before so I was just sooooo sleepy.

 photo 92F369DE-58D2-4639-B594-DBDFB54F3FE3_zpsjnhl4ohl.jpg  photo 1513DC3E-A75E-4A39-A8BE-88E6BDA667BA_zps3tcyngjy.jpg  photo DEEB54AC-2382-439F-9A52-35EB18400931_zpsbxqhyhzz.jpg
 photo 95706AB4-53A4-4668-8550-320A3590FE61_zpsa7gotb4k.jpg  photo 7583AD99-30DB-40C2-8D61-73F94A941118_zpsngy4fb24.jpg  photo AB1F4542-D9B7-470B-8F81-1F05A177F287_zps1mvclrzz.jpg
 photo AD8942E6-0426-4176-A063-39EED6CEBD3B_zpszzldvy3h.jpg  photo D8634334-1C85-41C2-AADB-3E49F0C41ABF_zpszdsrokdd.jpg  photo C7BDA43A-F961-46B1-85C8-740E9E0AE0BC_zpsyrvyei5d.jpg
 photo BD4F7200-5304-477A-92A8-2F9795917CDE_zpsttf5hi5r.jpg  photo DB034AF5-0CF3-4DE6-95FC-D9B113866184_zpscfpleq1l.jpg  photo 2AB1809B-373B-4B44-BF3C-875D92F44940_zpsl0dtlz4u.jpg

But hey, I think we were all excited when we were at the starting line. And the feeling of accomplishment when we reached the top was just... Inexplicable. After climbing 63 storeys which seemed endless, with no pumping music of sorts and little ventilation, it was not as easy as I thought it'll be. I was fine till I reached the 50+ range because from the 50th storey onwards, there was no ventilation and it stunk so bad of perspiration I couldn't breathe?? LOL. But Kelvin and Victor who was ahead of me kept pushing me on - with both insults and motivating words - so I didn't stop for a breather and finished the entire climb at one go. I think we finished it quite fast!!

The rooftop view was definitely rewarding after the laborious climb. Though halfway through I was asking myself "why did I sign myself up for this shit", I think I might do it again. But next time, I'll make sure I'm not carrying a baggage of sleep debt with me. And with more climbing-the-stairs workouts than just hitting the gym.

 photo CF7390AA-CCF6-4FF0-B15D-991E9556724C_zpss9lxoptq.jpg
(I think this is panorama shot is damn nice, especially with only one try.)

Headed to The Loft with Ziman and Kelvin thereafter for a well deserved meal. We actually walked all the way from One Raffles Place to Chinatown while wandering aimlessly trying to find a decent cafe for our picky selves to dine at. 

That pretty much concludes my Sunday! The ride back home on public transport was the most horrid experience, ever. Aside from having to lug the goodie bag from NVM (which weighed a ton), I was battling exhaustion from the climb and lack of sleep. That evening when I headed to my boy's place for a little dinner, I basically crashed for a good 2 hours before heading home LOL.

 photo D5E9BBB3-5594-4814-A5CB-F4B194362F93_zpseodc14zy.jpg  photo 49DC7D3B-708F-421D-8FD8-55C79F659D8A_zpsaq9he5ng.jpg  photo 4D0E4407-47F4-4E34-8237-1BA6A0DFA81D_zpsvw6p66bw.jpg
 photo FA90CF9E-2929-4AEF-A875-19D5BFAEED9E_zpsfba6kkvi.jpg  photo C860E151-6702-402C-9CCF-F7153E2645A7_zpsvnk4lbij.jpg  photo 384A4C11-BA6D-4FCD-920E-D68132C06C4D_zps0rwgrtxr.jpg
 photo 42738A1B-8A4D-417C-998D-1B2B3C326CE7_zps6qgwbdmx.jpg  photo 8438E37B-4A01-4190-BC94-7E26E67E85FD_zpsozptiou6.jpg  photo 6F836336-B45E-438C-8780-BF41FEDDA826_zpslbxojzsm.jpg

My saturday was spent sending my sister off at the airport for her overseas school exchange programme with New Zealand. The house feels kinda empty now without my mum (permanently working overseas at Jakarta since this June) and my sis. 
Not sure if it's just me, but it sure does feel like my family is going through this turning point in our lives. You know, the period when everyone suddenly has their own ambitions and things to do that the only thing that seems to keep you guys together is the fact that you all share the same blood? Maybe I'm slow about this, but it does feel weird returning to a home without your mum anymore. Well, it's not that hard to adapt since she doesn't really do all typical house chores (e.g. cooking and cleaning), but her absence leaves behind this empty space which I'm not sure if it ever would be filled, or if I'm supposed to just get used to it.
Not that I'm being all depressed about it. I mean, I'm already 18 so this kind of change is inevitable, isn't it? This is different from taking a part-time job, or having to be responsible for your own spendings. I didn't expect such change to come around this fast. While I'm stoked for the adventures that will come my way with this newfound independence, it does feel kinda sad that our family dinners can only be once every few months when she happens to return or when we do visit her. Plus, my dad has got this new job that require him to travel rather often too, so it's gonna be just me and my sissy at home the next time.

Oh well. I'll just take it in my stride that this is what growing up feels like. Everything that I have is someday gonna be gone.

Meanwhile, it's time to get back on track with my clean eating!! Been consuming way too much junk ):

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