Cafe Oz and 8 November

8:38 PM

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Cafe Oz with Kelvin on Saturday evening. It was a impromptu decision kinda thing, but it was time well spent. The coffee was good though served in a really puny jar. And I loved their lemon meringue tart!! But the salted cheesecake was a huge disappointment. It tasted like the fluffy ones you could get from Giant at $4.50. I guess it depends on your own personal preference because while I like my cheesecakes dense, Trisha likes hers fluffy. So... Oh well.

After lecture this afternoon, I went to another cafe yet again but with Zhiyi this time. Actually, it's been a while since I last caught up with both of them.
We went to 8November and its two thumbs up for their coffee! I was contemplating between eggs benedict and waffles but they recommended waffles so. I don't regret it in the least because their waffles are damn good. The ambience of the cafe was somewhat rustic. Kind of the ideal cafe to spend your time just chit chatting away. Heheh breakfast all day everyday.

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Catching up with your friends, trying to predict each other's lives in the future. I guess there's always some sort of fun that comes with guessing the unknown. I should probably write a letter to myself in the future. I wonder how it'll feel like, re-reading the letter I once wrote to myself years ago, and how much things has changed then. Will I still be head over heels in love with Brandon? Will Kelvin and Zhiyi still be my bbfs? Will I still be in contact with my girls and the primary school group? How far would I have gone with my career? Did everything go as I planned, or as according to my ideals?
I get that the future is something you work towards to, but you never know what may come your way. After all, people always say that things never turn out the way you want them to.

Maybe, 10 years down when I re-read this post of mine, I'll laugh at my insecurities and how I overthink too much. Or maybe I'll look back and feel ashamed of myself because I did not live up to the expectations of my 18 year-old self. I know that currently, my 12 to 16 year-old self would be proud of me, having known that I got into the course I wanted, am in a loving relationship, am financially able to support my own spendings, and have friends to keep around forever. But I guess many things could change within the span 10 years. So I don't know how the rest would unfold, or how things would be different along the way.

I should probably write a long letter to myself 5 years down the road huh? 5 years from now, I'll be 23.
I would have graduated from poly, and I might either still be in uni or have graduated. Or maybe I'm already working, I don't know.

I'm not sure if I anticipate or fear the unknown.

Maybe it's time to propose the cliche idea of a time capsule. I'm thinking zhizikemi. At least, if we ever were to lose contact because of our geographical locations or whatever, it'll be a good excuse for us to get back together for a reunion.

I don't deny, I'm quite the idealist and the dreamer.

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