If you did what I did I would hate you too.

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Monday was the final lecture I had for Year 3, while tuesday was the final group presentation for my 3rd year too and it's been pretty great, concluding the semester with some new found friends, nice group mates and really understanding lecturers.
I've had my fair share of bad this semester (ok who hasn't) but it's rather pleasant to know that I've moved on from my setbacks and am instead looking to make the best out of whatever there is before me. I've been spending the previous week wallowing in self hate and despair lol but I guess I've moved on from that dead end. I'm probably taking a longer route than most of my peers, but I know I would eventually get to the finishing point too. This time, I'm not going to be a screw up.

Am I getting more optimistic by the day?? LOL

Wednesday was kinda my last day at the office too. It's sad I have to put a temporary stop to all the work I've been doing with ohvola because of the internship and exams that are coming my way. I'm not really left with any choice... Hopefully I'll find some way around this matter.

And to conclude that day, it was a pretty rachet night with some of the girls though the crowd wasn't exactly the most pleasant... But I think I met some really nice dudes and made some new friends? LOL. It didn't start off as enjoyable (I blame it on not having enough to drink), but when Ziman and I started talking to some Italians who were on a vacation in Singapore, it got better from there on.
Anyway, the thought of meeting and interacting with people you've never met, from a different culture or not, is pretty exciting and refreshing. And I guess this makes me more stoked than ever for the plans I've made after the end of my exams!!

Meanwhile it's time to save up and study my butt off. Oh that is, after my second Atlantis next weekend hehe. ;)

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