Attempts to lighten a heavy heart.

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I don't remember the last time I went to East Coast Park, but yesterday was quite the thrill with my boy and his friends. Terrible photo though, cause the wind was so strong and I look like I have a huge belly?? LOL.
Initially the plan was to head to Pulau Ubin but being the burden I am who doesn't know how to cycle, they decided that ECP was probably a better choice for me to learn how to cycle. It was blistering hot, but the cooling sea breeze really makes up for it. We all got super sunburnt though. And I got a really fugly tan...

To be honest, I never really enjoyed cycling because it seems so hard to grasp (I bet 99% of the people who hear me say 'cycling is hard' is gonna laugh) but yesterday was quite the exception, despite me getting irritated by how helpless I was with balancing half the time.
Actually, the fun part was having Brandon ride me around LOL. I basically sat in front of him, on the metal frame thingy of the fixie he rented which hurts butt. But there's this thrill factor about the whole ride especially when the fixie goes so fast I love it HAHAHA. Oh and I thought that it was kinda romantic too... Hehehe.

When our time was up we spent most of the afternoon just chilling at the seaside. The sea breeze and sounds of crashing waves really lulls one to sleep.
For dinner, we headed all the way to Jurong because idk Brandon wanted to. I haven't really been to Jurong much so that was our first visit to The Big Box. Nothing much about our venture there cause we only had dinner before it was kinda late but I'm hoping to do some window shopping spree around the 5 malls in Jurong soon LOL.

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As for today, I finally collected my cheque for my previous design job and got my hair permed! After contemplating for so long I finally got around to get it done and I have no regrets. Yay to curls and goodbye flat hair!!
Oh and I actually got my perm as a gift from my godfather! Double yay. Hopefully the curls won't loosen too quickly because it seems like it's already loosening... ):

That's pretty much my past two days. I realise I'm starting to gain fat again fml. I really gotta get my head back in the game and get back into the tedious exercise regime that I once immersed myself with.

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