Vintage Tea Party, House @ Dempsey

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I blame the lack of updates on exams. I had one paper on Tuesday which I really mugged nuts for, and I have another paper in a couple of days which I'm not too excited about.

But papers aside, my days have been pretty fruitful! I spent most of my weekdays catching up with some pals and working part-time because my Japan trip is nearing (another 6 more weeks!!) and I need to start earning myself some cash for the shopping and food hunting I'm gonna do there. Thank god the air tickets and accommodation have all been fully booked and settled. I can't wait!!!!

As for my friday, I spent it with my dear boy at House @ Dempsey, which I've been dying to go to since 2011 cause of their vintage tea party. Basically, it's a traditional english high tea buffet with a really rustic and whimsical atmosphere. It was kinda like our pre-valentine's date because we didn't want to deal with the crowd of couples on a Saturday... LOL.

We arrived slightly earlier than our reservation time slot so we got to see the staff placing the treats and arranging books and other various decorations on the buffet table spread. So yes many plus points for the effort they've put into creating the perfect vintage tea party ambience!

They have both savoury and sweet treats. For Brandon who loves the savoury stuff, he was so glad to see that they have a relatively wide variety of savoury stuff (I didn't take a lot of pictures of them though) and for me, I love that they have so many pastries!!! Macarons, cakes, cookies, scones, tarts and there's a lot more gah I wish I had enough tummy space to try them all. They have free flow tea as well. So yes, it's quite the ideal place to come with any friend or your boyfriend to just while your afternoon away. I think I might just bring my mum here for her birthday hahaha.
Sadly, it was my first time visiting the House so I did get the window seat ): Apparently you have to request for it while you made reservations sigh. But I do foresee myself revisiting them very soon. 

 photo IMG_0516_zpsea31b7cc.jpg
 photo IMG_0588_zps5d1ce193.jpg
 photo IMG_0558_zpsa0e9d9d9.jpg  photo IMG_0593_zps98ef88c8.jpg
 photo IMG_0518_zpsebb82dab.jpg  photo IMG_0549_zpsb22d23ee.jpg
 photo IMG_0522_zps55043975.jpg  photo IMG_0535_zpsd18fd61a.jpg
 photo IMG_0524_zps353e74d6.jpg
 photo IMG_0538_zps40f6af2b.jpg
 photo IMG_0527_zps18f6f4f7.jpg  photo IMG_0537_zps6db94923.jpg
 photo IMG_0543_zps4126ffcc.jpg
 photo IMG_0536_zpsc34ba308.jpg
 photo IMG_0583_zps2bc3f0fb.jpg
 photo IMG_0586_zps809bcd4c.jpg
 photo IMG_0540_zps5db7cd99.jpg  photo IMG_0546_zps1949ddfd.jpg
 photo IMG_0585_zps7197adc7.jpg  photo IMG_0579_zps262fb114.jpg
 photo IMG_0574_zps57f01890.jpg  photo IMG_0572_zps95f5c3e2.jpg
 photo IMG_0547_zpsd5527785.jpg
 photo IMG_0566_zps0b727923.jpg
 photo IMG_0592_zps21c34668.jpg
 photo IMG_0589_zpsb7c6b501.jpg

They have very attentive staff. Food was really good. Overall it's a good dining experience and I would say it's pretty worth the price? It's $30++ per person for all their savoury and sweet treats with a free flow selection of 4 flavoured teas you could choose from. Their vintage tea party is only available on Thursdays and Fridays, 3pm to 530pm. If you ever decide to pay them a visit, do remember to make reservations (I did it online) before you head there cause they're always fully booked!!

As for my Valentine's Day, I'll blog it pretty soon! It's been a pretty lepak day for the both of us since we spent almost the whole entire Friday outdoors (job interview > high tea > cny shopping) and also because we're not too fond of the crazy weekend crowd. But anyways, more about it another day.

And it's also our second year anniversary today!! I can't quite fathom how two years have already passed by us so fast, yet it also feels like I've been with him since forever. 24 months into the relationship and I still often think about how lucky I am to be loved, regardless of all my flaws. Well, I don't really like expressing myself with mushy and emotional details so I'll leave that for just my boy hehe.

Here's to the many more years and memories to come with him. :)

(On a side note, I'm really obsessed with Taylor Swift's Style omg)

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