Please tell me the good days will always stay.

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Today finally marks the end of the second semester and my life as a Year 2 student!! After the pretty exhausting weeks, all tests and final projects are finally over and done with. Aside from 2 other papers coming my way the next Tuesday and the Tuesday after, I'm almost the free bird now!! Gosh year 2 passed by so damn quickly. It does feel like just weeks ago when my last holiday ended and yet the next one is already nearing. Not that I'm complaining, I totally appreciate the fast pace right now because I don't really want to be stuck in hell weeks.

Like the last semester, I really enjoyed working with the people I teamed up with. I would say I'm so blessed to be able to work with the nicest strangers whom I can now call my friends. I remember how awkward the first few days were, because I hardly knew anyone in my class. And even if I do know them, we were nothing but mere acquaintances.

But after the midnight Skype calls, 6 hours of sub-editing and other tedious work that we have done together, there have been so many fond memories, laughters and inside jokes that I'm really grateful for. And I think that compared to the rest, our group was probably the one with the least drama because everyone contributed their fair share and we all worked as hard.

Photo credits: Bryan Chua

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There's the feature team of 9, and I remember the smiles when we first saw our magazine printed in flesh.

And then there's the swaggie team (god knows who came up with the name) whom I worked with for every other project and even though our group was a very weird mix of very different personalities, somehow we gelled pretty well together. It's also because of the projects tasked to us that we were forced to spend most of our school hours together and somehow, I guess I'm not as awkward anymore, because I could actually hold a proper conversation with each individual LOL. Yes it is that hard for me.

 photo 4AE2415B-FE92-452C-9D7F-8F535F449585_zpsrojnskbp.jpg  photo 937BCA8E-C22E-4CAD-9BC9-48A5D7749599_zpspqfmcilu.jpg  photo 17060D54-9D46-4F2E-BDC9-7FFA6FF37055_zpsr626burw.jpg

I still remember how happy I was last semester despite the ridiculous workload because I had a great team with me for most modules. I didn't expect this semester to be as great or even better, but it is. Year 2 has been pretty damn awesome for me, and I'm glad I concluded this academic year with these people. I'm gonna miss them all. We probably wouldn't end up in the same class anymore since our picks for our electives are totally different ):

But still, cheers to the end of Year 2! I'm pretty darn proud of the 3 articles I wrote as a reporter, and the photographs I took for the assignments. Aside from the compliments I received, it really gives me the confidence I lacked in my writing and I'm glad that this semester has motivated me to work harder next sem! '
For my electives, I chose mostly journalism modules (photo, online and print journ to be specific) with one other advertising module in between. I wanted Design but it wasn't offered (lol still can't accept this) so I took up the journalistic modules. I heard it's going to be crazy. Wish me luck?
Honestly I'm not too sure what track I'd want to take as a career in the future, but I do know I want to venture either in journalism, design or business. I've been exploring all three platforms lately by taking up various business design projects that includes some writing so hopefully adding all these to my portfolio will help me out somehow.

I'm already more than halfway through my poly education. It's another semester of projects and hell before I embark on my internship. Hopefully, year 3 will be kick ass with fantastic group mates too. As for where I'm gonna intern, I better start considering my options...

Well, right now it's down to the books for my final papers before the 2 months break!!!

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