When I look at you.

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26th January 2014: Happy birthday Brandon!

"You appear just like a dream to me, just like all the kaleidoscope colours that cover me. All I need, every breath that I breathe. Don't you know, you're beautiful."

Thank you for the smiles you've given me. I can't explain how lucky I feel to have someone as patient and as understanding as you. You've never once put me down, and you've always been that motivation for me to work harder and strive towards something better.

And I'm sorry for all the bad I've put you through - the broken promises, my tantrums, the hurt. It kills me each time I think about what I should have done, and if I could change the bad that I've done, I would. I never want to see that pained expression again.

But honestly, I've never met quite a guy who made me feel like I was beautiful on my bad hair days or when I'm having a breakout. As much as my pride hates to admit this, you've undoubtedly, gradually, become a source of happiness for me.

People always say, "never let your happiness depend on someone else" or "never depend on someone so much that when they leave, you lose yourself too". I always had my fears after the last, but I thought that maybe this time, I'll let myself be vulnerable.

And you were different. You've been the best boyfriend (and a best friend) that I could ever ask for.
Even after all this time, you still give me butterflies.

We can't promise our future, our what it may bring, but

I will never regret the day I fell for your smile.

It was the start of something, and it will always be that something

Thank you, for everything.

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