Taaras Beach Resort at Redang Island

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Didn't mean to leave my blog to die but... Life gets in the way sometimes. Work and other life commitments have begun to take priority over updating my social media spaces. :')
I've started blogging in an attempt to archive some memories that I'd like to reminiscence on and share some of my personal works, but lately, this past time of mine has become more of a chore than a hobby. I don't know how long I'll keep this platform up... But I'm gonna try.

So just about two weekends ago, Han had his block leave so we decided on a short getaway to Redang!! It was AMAZING.

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It was a little tedious to get to Redang cause it's on the other far end of Malaysia, but transport was pretty cheap so we've got no complaints.

Getting there

You can take a coach to Terrengganu, and then a ferry to Redang Island. You can either book a coach that picks up from Singapore, or at Larkin Terminal. But prices are SGD$60 for the former and RM60 for the latter.
The jetty from Terrengganu to Redang Island is priced at about 55RM for a return trip.


There are a number of resorts available, from budget ones at $80/night to the more expensive ones with jacuzzi and a seaside view at $350/night. It all depends on how much you're willing to spend!

Before you book your accommodation, however, make sure you check if your resort is located at the beachside. Otherwise, you'd have to arrange transport to go to the beaches or do your water activities every time.

We stayed at Taaras Beach & Spa Resort. Their beach is so clean with seawater so blue and clear!! I think the resort we stayed at was the best (and probably the most expensive) but the price tag ($200/night for a garden deluxe room) was worth it because we were given free water activities at different hours of each day, and our stay included breakfast. So it's almost like we're paying for the food/activities upfront?

After we arrived at the resort, we also found out that two of the best seafood family-run places were within walking distance from our stay (5-10min walk), so it was definitely worth every penny!! Nothing beats local food!!

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We spent most of our days chilling by the beach, kayaking, snorkeling, drinking at their beach bar and hunting for food outdoors! Their coral reefs were super stunning. Oh and of course, we also got ourselves a good massage haha. Twas was a good breather from his army and my work schedule.

Honestly, it's a great spot for couples looking for a short getaway that's relatively far off from civilisation, with almost little to no crowd. Well that also means that you're hardly connected to the Internet or your social media platforms (their wifi is bad). But hey, that also means more quality time spent with each other right!!

Anyway, Redang captured our hearts during our short stay there. We wished we had a little more time (maybe four days instead of three?) on that quaint and peaceful island.

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The total breakdown for our 3D2N trip (for two pax):
Accommodation - $400 (two nights, breakfast included)
Transport - $180 (coach and ferry)
Food - $100
Water activities - $50 (snorkeling, kayaking)
TOTAL: $730

That's about $365 per person, but you can probably cut down on the food cause we splurged a lot on food (like seven dishes per meal lol). Otherwise, you can easily get a plate of scrumptious fried rice at 10RM!! All of the dishes you can find out of the resort ranges between 6RM - 12RM.

We also spent quite on sum at the beach bar... We learnt that the locals tend to bring their own cartons of beer there to save on money. I guess we know now :')

Anyway, I brought my gopro to Redang and it was my first time trying some underwater shots!! They turned out pretty cool so I can't wait to get started on video editing. But that'll have to wait till my schedule is less tight.

Been a great break and it's back to the grind! More about that soon!!

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