I've been waiting for our words to line up, and it's beautiful somehow.

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A couple of updates to sum May up.

Update #1: 
May has got to be one of my busiest work months ever. The sudden influx of emails and photoshoots increased significantly, so much so that I barely have enough time to update this blog, or write any travel articles as of late. But well I'm not complaining... Busy is good, and I'm finally seeing the fruits of the laborious hours I've put into my photography portfolio!

 photo _MG_3039-2 copy_zpsjzvguwsl.jpg Style shoot for anothersole

It's been about four months since I ventured into freelancing and although it did take some time, I'm glad I took that leap of faith to set out on what I've been wanting to do. Financially, I was worried that it may not be sustainable but I think I've been doing pretty alright!! If anything, I'm stoked for what's to come in June. Bigger projects hehehe. More updates on them soon.

Update #2: 
About a week ago, I (finally) managed to take my long awaited break to Bangkok with my girls! Since graduation, the three of us have been planning to head there for some shopping therapy but our work schedules always got in the way.

 photo 4BD88956-09AF-45AE-9E23-014F29DCF3D6_zpsxebrzhfw.jpg  photo 97AEAEB4-3497-4261-8277-4032790AB8F4_zps6ilaycty.jpg

Lack of photos cause I really wanted a break from my camera this trip :')

But it was a great breather, just spending the days with the people I'm most comfortable with while indulging in street foods, shopping and cheap thrills that got us particularly ecstatic. It's been some time since we stayed up late just having heart to heart conversations.

Definitely missing our beautiful suite at Centrepoint hotel (which we got at a super good deal!!!) and daily dose of cha deng (which is basically like teh o ping but with thai tea). Hopefully I get to go on another short trip before school officially starts...

Update #3:
Just a month ago, Han's family also adopted a new pup (Jodi) and everyday has been so entertaining at his house since!! I've always wanted to keep my dog, so being able to watch and care for the two month-old retriever has definitely opened my eyes up to the dedication and responsibilities it takes to bring up a young pup. She's such a little devil compared to Jacob (Han's five year-old golden retriever), but two dogs in the house really makes the place so much more lively!!

 photo _MG_3153-2_zpsqvotwoso.jpg
 photo _MG_3152-2_zpsq2kwc5e3.jpg
It's so hard to get them together, much less in a photo hahaha.

 photo _MG_3182-2_zpspmnzlero.jpg
 photo _MG_3205-2_zpss7aihqdl.jpg
 photo _MG_3159-2_zpswrkg9tye.jpg  photo _MG_3161-2_zpsmhamwafq.jpg
 photo _MG_3310-2_zpsa6u7oov5.jpg
Everyone gets deceived by her innocent looking face...

 photo _MG_3170-2_zpsuscrelkb.jpg  photo _MG_3156-2_zpsrpuykqrz.jpg
 photo _MG_3218-2_zpsnaicorpe.jpg
 photo _MG_3291-2_zpsceqfwju3.jpg
The only time she's super obedient^

Hopefully I'll be able to photograph more of Jodi while she's growing up with Jacob!!

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