Atlas Coffeehouse

4:49 PM

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One of the places with the most aesthetic and hipsterish cafe interiors. There's something about their dangling lights against unembellished grey walls that I really love, and their window seat has this marble tiling that helped to make our photos a little more artsy?
Atlas Coffeehouse is doing their interior design right.

We got their Salmon Soba Noodles, Atlas Butterscotch Banana Pancake, Truffle Fries and iced Latte! The soba noodles was definitely refreshing on the palette since well, you don't really get soba in cafes.

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Their pancake was really fluffy too!! I think we might have killed our tastebuds with an overdosage of maple syrup (since we emptied all that was given to us for photo's sake... LOL) but nevertheless, it's still pretty decent.

Pretty pleased with their food and thank you Jolaine for the treat and dating me :')

Now that the weekends are here, I'm left with my wandering mind, and quite a number of things to think about.

It's inevitable when someone feels upset about a negative or hurtful remark about themselves, more so if it's said by the people they love. Because no matter how strong or nonchalant someone may seem on the outside, they are only human, and they will still be affected by even the smallest insensitive comment. Some are just better at hiding it.

Irregardless, there is always a line you shouldn't cross. And if you choose to step on their toes and cross that line, don't blame it on them for snapping at you when you pushed their backs far against a wall and wore their tolerance thin.

Sometimes, I don't know where I should draw that line. How far am I supposed to bend myself over backwards before I break?

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