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Spent the leap day of 2016 with my girls after a spontaneous decision to go to JB just two nights before. Initially, we had plans to cycle and prepare for my Laos trip, but the stayover at Miao's over the weekend had us change our plans since we've been wanting to head there together for a while now.

Honestly I never really knew what's so fun about heading to JB for a day trip because it doesn't seem like there's anything much to do, but I suppose it beats staying in Singapore LOL. Trisha and I let Miaolin do most of the leading since she's more familiar with the place.
We went on a Monday, so there was a night market towards the late afternoon and I thought that that made the whole trip pretty fun!!

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We started our day trip with some Kwayteow soup @ 101 toman for lunch, located at Taman Sentosa.    Love the soup there and it only opens in the day before the seafood restaurant takes over in the evening.
Thereafter, we shopped a little before doing our nails!! I'm typically not one to paint my nails often because mine always chips off in two to three days and I'll be too lazy to like reapply them... But yesterday was quite my princess moment? Hahaha.
When it was about five, we made our way to the night market located outside KSL (they have it every Monday and Tuesday if I remember it right) to basically binge eat our entire evening away. There were really too many good stuff around to eat, like their penang laksa or aiyu bing or pancake. The three of us have always been fans of street food, so we really had our fills.

I guess the only thing that turns me off about traveling to JB is the exhausting journey back to Singapore via public transport. But I don't mind enduring the jam-packed buses and overcrowded custom every now and then if it's with the right company, cause it's definitely time and money well spent. :)
So we've finally went to JB by ourselves after talking about it since we were in primary school! Funny how our twelve year-old selves once thought that going to Malaysia without our parents was one of the most badass thing to do. HAHAHA.

Other than this trip, I've just been meeting some people to catch up and what not. I practically have all the time in the world now that poly is over. That is, until I officially start work in late March. I'm also considering taking up a new language and a sport. Hmm.

Well, I'm gonna leave those thoughts for later after Laos, in which I'll be flying off on Sunday. I'm finally traveling again, and the thought of being in another country where the unknown and so much adventure await me is more than exhilarating.

I could definitely use this timely liberty.

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