Is it not enough, just being?

2:00 AM

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I am back from Laos, pretty much in one piece aside from a grazed knee that stemmed from my clumsiness.

To the people who've been wondering, I did not travel alone or backpacked for this trip. Some friends thought that I backpacked solo once again (guess I must seem pretty yolo to most after my NZ venture) but Laos was actually a photography trip with my school that I signed up for.

I didn't plan anything or did any budgeting on my own this time. I just followed whatever itinerary the school provided, and it was something I couldn't quite get used to cause I've always had the freedom to do whatever, whenever for my previous overseas ventures. But well, it is a school trip, and I still reveled in capturing the lifestyle/culture of the Lao people nonetheless. I've got quite a number of pictures I took with my 6D + 24-70mm babies that I can't wait to share, so I'll be blogging about the seven days soon. However long it takes me to edit 28GB worth of raw images.

It's been a refreshing 8D7N, being in a foreign country that's quite the reverse from the hustle and bustle in Singapore. Pretty much the breather I needed after a not-so-great February, and before I plunge myself into work life.

I've been spending these few days trekking and setting out onto unfamiliar terrains, meeting people whose worlds are so disparate from mine and photographing the stories they have collected on their palms, skin and eyes. I realise how much I love breathing the outdoors, taking in picturesque views and seeing people smile so beautifully through my lenses that I think, this is it.

This is the kind of happy I want to be.

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