Lies to swallow, feelings to kill.

11:26 AM

Watching some of the new SLs leading the different tribes and meeting some juniors from cchy at RED Camp this year certainly brings back a lot of memories from the time when I was still actively participating in these camps and NP's outreach activities as an Ambassador/SL. A lot has changed since the last time I was part of the community, and sometimes I wonder if I should have stopped all of it in the first place.

But then again, at that point in time during the first two years in NP, I placed other matters and people in my life as my priorities instead of all these extra-curricular commitments.

I don't regret anything, but I do miss it.

I'm about 2 and a half months into my internship (omg I'm about halfway through!!!!) and the 5-day work week makes your weekends precious as gold. I think Ziman and I might just be overly attached to one another because when Friday comes around, we'll see each other almost the entire weekend with our nightcrawler and impromptu lunch plans. I think I've been seeing Trisha/Miaolin at least once every week too...
On a side note, I need to start getting my shit together. Looking at how I spending my days, god bless my body clock, health and bank account. My life... is a mess LOL.

Dinner with Zhiyi yesterday kinda got me thinking about how much cash I've been drinking so I should probably cut down on this ็ƒ‚ไบบ lifestyle, to save my health and my bank. When that happens, I'll probably stop sleeping at like 7am and revert back to the usual 3am instead (which I suppose isn't really any better if I want to improve my complexion lol). I need to start finding an alternative source of income too. Work with ohvola has been on hold since my internship started and intern ain't giving me any money ):

I should probably make some proper, decent plans for the coming weekend. Like, going on a photography trip??

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