I forget about you long enough to forget why I needed to.

6:01 PM

The low-res iPhone5 photos makes their comeback today cause I haven't been taking anything pleasing with my DSLR lately.

On Saturday, zee and her jc friends planned a staycation for lixuan's birthday at Siloso Beach Resort, which Zhiyi and I were invited to! It's been a while since the last staycation and I was so stoked to see two of my bffs and meet the rest of zee/xuan's jc crew. I brought my instax with me this time to take new polaroids hue hue.

I guess one could the sum the night up with games, alcohol and people in their drunken stupor HAHAHA. Despite the amount of drinks I had, I was still somehow totally sober aside from the short-lived high from the continuous shots of jager. Maybe I have built some sort of tolerance lately...

 photo 46C9E882-E74A-4B15-9E36-D1DBC780419C_zpspcdxocup.jpg  photo ED144376-75F7-432B-952B-363C564C335C_zpsdrfpm7be.jpg
 photo B0B89884-BE91-4172-B198-F98124959C3D_zpsxtsabuft.jpg  photo 031E05DA-1259-400A-8254-A15A8F7F5A12_zpsep7v9sof.jpg

Initially I thought that it was gonna be kind of awkward since I only knew ziman, zhiyi, lixuan and *cough* justin/joseph but the night turned out kind of unexpected??

There were some of us that were still sober (total count: 4 + 3 who went macs), so we played card games from 3ish am all the way till the it was bright out. That was about 5 hours of daidee/bridge... With the dudes whose names I don't even remember till we started playing cards LOL. But omg the game of bridge was damn intense I like HAHAHA.
I guess I do enjoy meeting new people through these social events after all. :)

So I didn't sleep the whole night and crashed at about noon when I was home. I woke up around the evening to head to my grandma's place, and then back home for a few rounds of dota before crashing. That pretty much sums up my weekend.

It's intern now and I'm so burnt out. I need to catch more sleep lol.

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