But it's always gonna come right back to this.

2:39 PM

It's almost two weeks since I last updated this space, and I never really meant to leave it this way but I haven't been doing anything productive lately. I'm trying to recall what I did the week before but I don't even remember... I'm just barely living, really.

Weekends have really become so precious now that internship occupies all of my weekdays. With the best friends in their respective internships, unis and NS vocations, friday nights and weekends are pretty much the only time we could spare. And it's kind of upsetting sometimes how girlfriends would give your time up with them for their other half, even though they might meet every other day. Sigh okay it's just depressing lonely talk LOL but that's practically what you get pretty often when all your friends are attached. But all is well I still have work and dota :'-)

Anyway, I've been tasked a relatively big design project for intern and I'm feeling the excitement and anxiety altogether. I really want to take up this opportunity that will certainly bump up my portfolio, but I'm not sure if I'm up for the task. Ugh... And on a side note, I've been coming across some really inspiring people with impressive online portfolios, and that kind of spurred me to finally move my lazy hands to start on one for myself. It's currently in the works but I can't wait to share it once it goes live!!

That's pretty much it for my mundane intern life. I haven't been out shooting at all and I've been itching to do so but plans just keep canceling on me lol. Oh but I did attend RHW's Halloween event (Back to scare) on Friday after doing saikang preparations for it the whole afternoon, and I did put on some makeup for it!
Then Saturday was watching 我的少女時代 (Our Times) with zee and the show was really good everyone should watch it!! I'm always a sucker for stories about memories in high school because of the nostalgia and melancholy that comes along with it. It's kinda gay but we teared up a bit.

That's all the updates I have. Till next time when I actually have some decent photos to post.

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