This time you'll be playing the game with my rules.

8:05 PM

My posts for Japan are still in the works (who am I kidding I hardly started on the photo editing), and I can only blame my slow progress on the distractions I've been having lately. Just, too many events, work and other bits.

To start, Monday was my birthday!! I'm now officially 19, but I don't feel anything like it. If anything, I could probably still pass off as a 16 year-old. The night before the monday, Brandon and some of my friends planned for what was meant to be a surprise, but failed because my mum's tongue slipped. But either way, it was still a pretty awesome night with good pizza and company. It's been quite some time since everyone got together and even though it wasn't exactly full house, I'm still super thankful for the night spent just chilling and catching up with the friends that I haven't met in a long while. Monday was spent just on a date with my babe of course.

I couldn't be more grateful for the well wishes and people who celebrated the day with me, and for going out of their way to buy gifts. This year, all my gifts are actually beauty products?? Which is a good thing, if you're wondering LOL. I remember making casual remarks about wanting new makeup, or a new perfume or some facial care products and I really got what I wanted!! Yay belle is growing up ;)

I received a Sephora gift card from Vivien, nail kit from Miaolin, some limited edition (not exactly available in Singapore I heard) Victoria Secret body lotion from Ziman that smells damn good, Innisfree's super volcanic clay mask from my sissy (I've been eyeing this since before Japan) and lastly Jimmy Choo's Eau de Toilette from Brandon (which I've been wanting for years too)!
The gifts are perfect and I can't wait to start using them all!! The clay mask already proved itself to be one of my favourites cause I'm already seeing results after using it for a day. I have been stuck with a hideous stubborn breakout lately so I'm really thankful for this product from Innisfree.

My birthday aside, I've started watching Game of Thrones. I'm not sure if it's the worst or best decision of my life, because it certainly distracted me from blogging and the other activities I was supposed to partake in. I've been pretty much the no-lifer just staying at home catching up on the five seasons LOL.

But, I did go for the beach staycation with some of my favourite cchy pals + ziman's friends + Brandon! It was so last minute to the extent we only booked the hotel at 11pm the night before. But all last minute plans always prove to be the best few. 
And aside from my birthday, GoT and the staycation, there's my graphic designer work too so that's pretty much how I spent the last week of my holidays. I am not looking forward to the start of school in the least.

Well anyway, I'll still be working on the posts for Japan. Besides, when school officially starts, I highly doubt I'll have any interesting content to blog about so the Japan trip would be the fantastic substitute to my boring rants. It's been a super wordy post. Till next time!

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