Things you never said but I already knew.

12:40 AM

Happy Lunar New Year to you guys!!

My CNY this year was more toned down than the previous, though it was undeniably the most tiring since my family spent long hours at the home of our closer relatives. But I didn't have to interact much with distant relatives, which is a good thing because I really hate the "what do you intend to do in the future?" Q&A session. Everytime I do get asked such questions there are always frowns going around or adults trying to dissuade me someway or another. So, I rather not go there. I just want to sit down, eat my snacks and stare into space or be hopelessly glued to social media HAHAHA.

And it seems like CNY is the best time of the year to gain a sudden spike in the number of likes for your photos on Instagram. It's not that I'm trying to get validations or the likes of it, I'm just stating what I observed LOL. I guess that's a result of many of us scrolling through social media every other hour even though there aren't that many updates, simply because that's nothing to do.

At least I know I'm guilty of that. Haha.

 photo IMG_6404_zps86167452.jpg  photo IMG_6406_zps5a3a8041.jpg  photo IMG_6400_zps0afe27a3.jpg
 photo IMG_6483_zps5f768b2b.jpg  photo IMG_6482_zps60e723f9.jpg  photo IMG_6504_zps797743a6.jpg

This CNY is no fashion parade for me ): I'm just trying hard to save up for my entirely self-funded trip to Japan in late March, so I only got myself one dress. All for my Japan trip, yes.

Reunion dinner with my family happened a couple of days earlier at my grandma's place with my closer relatives, together with Brandon. I'm kinda glad that most of my cousins are already kinda close to him, and that's all because of games. Oh god it's like gamer nerds unite? I can't even LOL.
On the eve of CNY itself, I went to Brandon's place for their reunion dinner after I spring cleaned my house for the first time in a very long while. If BFFs like Zhiyi or Kelvin were to visit my place now, I'm pretty sure they would be blown away by how spacious the whole place is now HAHAHA.

Day 1 was tiring. I spent Day 2 working (sobs but I need the cash for Japan so). Day 3 Brandon joined me again with my relatives yay and we caught a night movie with my family. Day 4 was with the primary school bunch at Miao's place again. As for tomorrow, it seems like I'll be spending the night with the cchy pals so I really can't wait!!

So that's about it for my festive break. It feels soooooo good to know that I can do whatever without having to worry about any work that I have not done. Oh god I always love the taste of semester holidays.

But anyway I'm gonna start on my new job next week! This time I have put in the extra effort to hunt for a job that could value-add my portfolio, so I really am stoked for the start of this new journey with this company. After completing the web design project for an events management company and banners for some blogshops, this new job as a graphic designer seems sooooo exciting hehe. Plus it's really gonna help me with the money I need for my Japan trip.

I guess I'll talk more about it when I get started officially on the job. :)

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