I'm chasing the very last train, even though I know it's too late.

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So yesterday I was doing abs with Kelvin after our usual HIIT. After I finished my sets, he kind of gayly told me that my abs are actually quite strong given my size and that my form was on point HAHAHA. I'm not a whore for compliments, but it's quite a long time since I last heard anyone motivating me when I did my workouts (mainly because Victor is the only buddy who gives ample of them but he had A's), so it was definitely a confidence boost. I am still far from where I want to be, but I'll get there!!!
And today I got to gym with Victor and Brandon after a really long time. As usual, we had so much crap to say but I really enjoy their company.

Anyway, BBQ was a crazy night because some of us got so drunk I can't even LOL. But it's another great night but I don't think we'll ever let Trisha touch alcohol again. She might just turn into a serial killer, literally.
On a side note, my potato bacon salad was damn nice!!! And so was my sambal fish hehe. Big kudos to my sister for helping me boil the potatoes and eggs the night before cause I was too exhausted after work to do it myself. And to Brandon's mum for helping with the preparation of the fish.
Hopefully there'll be another group outing soon, before Victor enlists. But poly has been kinda tight so I don't know how we're gonna do that ):

It's going to be hell next week with 2 major tests and one assignment due, so I better get my game together because I've been pretty unmotivated these past couple of days.

I might be going on a double date with Trisha this Saturday for AFA 2014 though. HAHHA like who goes on a date at AFA right?? Well, us I guess. And if our boyfriends aren't coming along then I guess it's finally some quality time to spend with her. I think a lot has happened in our own respective lives and now that she has moved to friggin Punggol, I won't be seeing her so often. But damn I really miss her so much.

Well, I shall update this space again. This post has been pretty pointless but I really wanted to remind myself about my workout plans and the BBQ so here it is.

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