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Recent food venture with Zhiyi. Yeah we both realised we hang out a lot this holidays, even way more than the times we'd go to school and back home together. But since he is the only poly fag that lives just 200 metres away from my place, it's a given isn't it.

I kinda miss Zhizikemi. And cosine. Can't wait for them JC kids to finish up this year. There are actually a couple of people I've been missing since I haven't met or caught up with them in forever. And it doesn't seem like this holidays is the appropriate time to do so either. Or maybe it's just cause it's early March.

Anyways, the two of us went to visit Brownice. It's a vegan ice cream cafe that has their dessert all made from natural flavouring (no artificial ones) and raw fruits/nuts etc. Basically, it's sinless comfort food!! Okay maybe it isn't exactly sinless but it's way healthier than all the other sweet junk you could possibly find. They use organic brown rice milk instead of the fatty dairy cream in other ice creams.

Sounds unappetising? Well, you'll be surprised. Despite being dairy-free, healthy and all, it's actually just as good. Zhiyi didn't believe me and had the idea that I was just forcing myself to eat healthier stuff now that I'm closely watching what I eat and all but their stuff is really awesome!! No kidding.

 photo IMG_0205copy_zpsab9581b5.jpg
 photo IMG_0190copy_zps5fa565cb.jpg
 photo IMG_0195copy_zpsfed0ed0f.jpg

I got myself their brownie and dark chocolate ice cream. Even he who hates sweet stuff agreed that they were good. HAH.

I wanted to try other flavours but it wasn't exactly a day for me to indulge in all these treats so I didn't. I'll save it for another day which I suppose would be sometime soon. It would mean the world to me if I got hired at their workplace. Keeping my fingers crossed for their call.

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 photo IMG_0220copy_zps0781cbcf.jpg
 photo IMG_0219copy_zpsf72357d5.jpg
 photo IMG_0227copy_zps987fc117.jpg

I got myself some earl grey cookies too. :)
We were basically walking along Thomson road, seeing what other cafes are worth visiting next time. And yeah I happened to chance upon BerryGerryBakes.

 photo IMG_0248copy_zps9ec23032.jpg

Stopped by little pancakes cause Zhiyi wanted something savoury since he didn't had much. It's damn funny when his meal arrived though because looking at him and the 10 little pancakes they give... HAHAHA. Well at least their iced latte was good!

Well that pretty much concludes our food venture! I guess there'll be another one soon idk.

Oh and yeah, I've decided to quit working at Gongcha. Maybe not quit exactly but my pay days with them aren't exactly the best experience. For the past 13 months, I was probably short paid more than half. If it's a dollar or two I'll usually look past it but $30? And this time they paid me $100++ less than what I should receive. Each time I complain with my colleagues, yeah, guarantee most of the time we'll receive the top up next month but it's quite annoying honestly. I need that money for the month yknow lol. Just wtf man enough of your bullshit ok I'm so done with this. It's not like you're paying more than the minimum wage anyway.

Which explains why I'm hoping to work at Brownice though I don't know if they'll call me back. Sounds kinda hopeless huh but I'm still gonna wait by my phone and pray for the best. Otherwise I'm gonna have to start hunting for another job that ain't paying me less than peanuts.

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