A little less than complicated.

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This is a delayed post. Or rather, the pictures in this post are.

It's another kitchen adventure yet again muahahaha. The holidays have indeed given me a lot of time and opportunities to start picking up some basic culinary skills. In fact, I just cleared my house's refrigerator after gymming with Trisha this evening (which was about 5 hours ago). By clearing I don't mean eating all its junk but throwing out all of the expired crap and wiping/washing every compartment. If you must know, my house's fridge was crazy packed and I don't know when was the last time my parents cleared it. About 2 years ago I figure, since a couple of items were expired back in 2012. Yes digusting I know. But nobody really has time for that when everyone's working/studying.

But now that all the junk is gone, I've got space for my new groceries!! And not to mention it looks and smells much better (not that it smells rotten to begin with - my parents are vegetarian so not much meat going on). Never thought that I'd be the anal one about stuff like this. Heheh am I one step closer to being a home maker? LOL.

And as usual thank you Trisha!! She has always been such a great help when it comes to cleaning up my house or my room. Damn I love her.

 photo IMG_0262_zpse1f9e79d.jpg
 photo IMG_0265copy_zps7117b672.jpg
 photo IMG_0270copy_zps0e4c88c3.jpg
 photo IMG_0272copy_zpsf6638cbc.jpg
 photo IMG_0274copy_zpsf06051c2.jpg
 photo IMG_0278copy_zpsfaaf6e7f.jpg
 photo IMG_0283copy_zps10b1b5a5.jpg
 photo IMG_0285copy_zpsb28ae308.jpg

Monday's attempt at making raw almond butter!!

Gotta be thankful that my house has a high speed blender since idk when. Otherwise it would have been another bomb to my salary. Ever since I found it I've been making all sorts of crap with it because I can. And just a couple of days back I found an ice cream maker in one of the cupboards LOL. Guess I'm supposed to start making legit ice cream instead of my currently semi-melted looking ones?

 photo IMG_0401copy_zpsc932e234.jpg
 photo IMG_0403copy_zpsb8efb0c2.jpg

And then there's my Chocolate Almond Butter ice cream for breakfast next morning!

Well it's basically just frozen bananas, cacao powder and almond butter, topped with cacao nibs. :)

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