I wasn't going to reach out to you forever.

12:14 AM

The past few days have been relatively fruitful for me. I spent the 21st of December out with my favourite girl and our boyfriends catching AnyHow Arts 2013 because I wanted to support Yeewah, who performed really well btw. I have never seen that shortie dance before in the past 4 years of our friendship but damn her performance that night makes me wonder what am I doing being an inflexible blob of fat who was too lazy for her runs the past few days.
Me and Ziman were just... Being Belle and Ziman I guess. We commented on anything and everything as per usual, such as how this guy is a mix breed of who and who and so on. The Chung Cheng days sigh.

Oh oh and that midnight, together with Zhiyi, we went to surprise our dear dear coke boy since it was finally his 17th birthday!! Well okay it's an inside joke but Kelvin is the coke boy and he's a coke boy because we got him this galaxy print coke boy snapback... HAHAHA. And some galaxyish popcorn and cotton candy.
We'll get him a decent gift soon to make up for the past two years of crap presents. Really. We will.

The rest of the Sunday was spent on retail therapy/working with Trisha! We have been crapping about how we'll probably get so sick of each other's faces since we'll be seeing each other everyday till the holiday ends (due to an exercise regime which we are determined to religiously follow) but we still went shopping anyway. It's been SO LONG since I had decent hauls on a shopping trip!! Okay actually not really cause I just got some lovely stuff from Pull & Bear last week buuuuuuut it's one of trips where you feel like the money spent was so damn worth it.
Oh and I should mention that we tried Artease's Apple Rose Tea with no sugar no toppings (which basically consists of apple syrup and french rose tea) and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Why doesn't Gongcha have something like that?? Argh I cannot get over it it perfectly fixes my need for tea everyday. I NEED IT NOW I REALLY DO.

As for today, I spent my afternoon working (as usual) and the night having dinner with my family. It has actually been a really long time since I went out with them to have a decent meal together because I'm always either working night shifts or out with some other company. But yay we got some yummy dinner at MOF before catching Frozen. I loved the movie heh.

These past couple of days, I guessed I kinda gave up a little and decided to step back. I got a little tired, always being the one trying to reach out, always taking the initiative. Everyone says it's 'my thing' but hey, I have a sensitive side too.
After taking a step back, I guess I kinda saw who would have treasured the plans made more, and who probably took them for granted. It's not like I kept mum about it. If you know me, I would have made it blunt and clear about how it's getting on my nerves and not just talk behind anyone's back. But anyway, these past few days have been the best, because I really didn't have to try or think that hard to make things happen. Things worked out because everyone tried, and that's something I can't explain how thankful I am for.

It's already Christmas Eve tomorrow (and 2 weeks to the end of my freedom), I hope you guys have been enjoying your holidays so far cause I have. I have not started on any of projects but let's not get started on that. Besides it's been a really wordy post I hope I haven't killed your eyes.

I'm so excited for tomorrow!!

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