Still life photography and set design

11:30 AM

A still life photo series that I actually did last December, but have not found much time to blog about it till now. I'm super psyched to blog about my Bali trip (just returned yesterday) but the photos will take some time to post process so, some of my old works for now.

Photography, Set Design & Creative Direction by Mirabelle Koh

This is probably one of my favourite set designs I have ever done, incorporating various homewares, organic materials and what not. I got most of my props from Taobao and Daiso! Yeap... While people normally splurge on clothes, I spend my money on weird stuff such as plates, vases and a damn skull. Wise choices indeed.
So uh... If anyone is wondering if there's any artsy fartsy concept behind this work, truth be told, no LOL. I mean, I wanted to experiment with still life, so most of the time, I was just trying my luck to see what shapes, textures and colours went well together (which took me hours and a hell lot of planning to source for the props and position them). And because I couldn't decide on a subject, I decided to use macarons flavours as my colour theme to guide me along.

I shot this at home with an external flash, with different coloured artboards as the background. Loving the results and definitely more of such works to come as I experiment more with the things that intrigue me.

I also revamped my portfolio website!! Now that the school holidays are here, it's time to keep all my platforms updated. If anyone is looking for a photographer this break, do hmu! I'll be more than happy to work on something new.

The Bali travel posts will most probably be up by Friday! Can't wait to blog the visuals, video and other projects I've been working on heh.

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