Affordable and Favourite Villas in Bali

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If there's anything that could possibly make or break your Bali vacation, it's going to be your choice of accommodation. The last thing you'd want is a crappy room to return to after a day out at the beaches or indulging in of Bali's amazing food.

At least, for me, I'd at least hope for a stunning villa (or hotel) to return to since that's what I feel a well-deserved break from work/other worldly commitments should be like.

But ya know... I barely have the capacity to pay my coming-into-adulthood bills, let alone spend a bomb on a villa that costs over $300/night just to get the infinity pool view looking over Bali's rice fields or whatever for just what, five days at most?? Our budget was max SGD$150/night. Even that was making things a little heart wrenching. We tried finding villas that were <$100.

And lucky for us, we found really good deals!! We used Agoda to help us and found these beautiful villas that cost about mostly $100 per night. And some of them include a private pool!!

1. Ini Vie Villa (Kuta)

Our favourite villa out of all the three! Ini Vie Villa has the most aesthetically calming wood interiors that surrounded the mini kitchen, bedroom and toilets! And right next to us was the private pool that comes along with a swing, a hammock and this jacuzzi tub.

Honestly, I wasn't expecting it to be this beautiful (although we did pay the most for this compared to the other villas) with all the minor details they paid to the room's interior and decor. The staff were also very hospitable and friendly, and the whole room was spacious and clean.
The only downside of Ini Vie was that it wasn't located at the main touristy area of Kuta, but there's still this amazing local restaurant just down the road that makes it all worth it. It serves cheap local food with one of the spiciest and best chili we had in Bali. More about the food place in another post!

Ini Vie Villa would be a perfect choice for anyone who plans to just lounge around the pool or take things a little slow. It was our first day in Bali when we stayed at Ini Vie, so we decided to spend the afternoon chilling a little and Ini Vie was perfect. We spent $175/night for Ini Vie, and it is also our most expensive stay for our Bali trip. But it was so worth it.

Address: Jl. Dewi Sri III No.8x, Legian, Kuta, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Price: $175/night

2. Alam Puisi Villa (Ubud)

For our next two nights, we moved up to Ubud and stayed at Alam Puisi! We also booked a room with a private pool, that came with a room and pool bed. Their bathroom was huge (it was the size of my bedroom in Singapore lol) and even the sleeping area was quite spacious.

Usually during my travels, I'm usually scrimping on accommodation so I'm very much used to small rooms that barely fits a whole bed or two (e.g. Airbnb in Melbourne and budget stays in Japan). So Bali's villas were quite a surprise, especially considering their price ranges! Alam Puisi was only $96/night during our travel dates when we booked via Agoda.

Although the whole villa wasn't as pretty as Ini Vie, Alam Puisi is less pricey, and has a complimentary 30 minute massage for their guests. Free massages always win, right? Hahaha. They also had this welcome drink that Han and myself thought was quite nice LOL. We wanted to order it again on our last night via their room service but it's not in their menu. :')

Address: Banjar Sembuwuk, Desa Pejeng, Ubud Gianyar, Pejeng Kaja, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80552, Indonesia
Price: $96/night

3. Sungu Resort & Spa (Ubud)

Our last villa was Sungu Resort & Spa, and although this one didn't have a private pool that comes with the room, there's still a common pool in the resort. If you have a lot of activities planned for the day, I guess you probably wouldn't use the pool much so, you could just get a decent room. Sungu resort and Spa was about $86/night.

Sungu's room can get a little dim at night since they dont have much lighting in the room but they are also the most affordable villa out of the aforementioned two. But their open space concept bathroom was pretty cool. Breakfast was included for our stay here as well!

Address:  Jl. Penestanan, Sayan, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Price: $86/night

Extra: Citadines Hotel (Kuta)

Well, I'm sure most of us would have heard of Citadines since Singapore already has one near Wilkie Edge. But anyways, this was also quite a nice and surprising stay. If you're looking for something affordable, decent and in the main touristy part of Kuta (just opposite Kuta Beach and about 10 minutes walk away from the mall), Citadines is it.

The rooms were super clean, tidy and with a balcony space. The hotel also has a bar area, pool and a gym. I'd say for the price, it's quite worth it!

Address: Jl. Pantai Kuta, Legian, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Price: $72/night

Of course, all these prices are based on the deals that we managed to get through Agoda during our travel dates. Prices may vary during your chosen dates.

I feel like I'm doing some sort of sponsored post for Agoda haha but I'm actually just a cheapo student who loves a good deal. I'll save every penny I can especially when it comes to travels.

Because I am also a user of Shopback, I get 6% cashback for all of my transactions through the Agoda/ 6% is not a lot, but after accumulation it could be! Including my other transactions, I have managed to receive about $120 cashback thus far. That's enough to get me another ticket to Bangkok!! So yes I highly do recommend you to try out Shopback. :)
Anyway, Shopback also has other partners like ASOS and taobao that you can receive cashback from. If I've managed to make you somewhat interested in being cost savvy (heh) like me, you can sign up on Shopback via this link and you'll have $5 credited to your account to start! By signing up via that link you can also help me with some referral bonus. :')

Hopefully the Bali villas recommended and Shopback tips has helped you in cost saving for your travels in some way. Still really stoked to post up more visuals of our Bali trip and I'll get around to doing so (when I'm not so preoccupied with work sobs) soon!!

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