Turning 21

9:49 PM

Wew I turned 21!!!

Okay, getting closer to adulthood isn't really anything to be excited about but, as of 13th April, I turned a year older. And on the 15th of April, I decided to plan my 21st celebrations with a bunch of my closest friends.

Because I wanted to do a lot of stuff on my own, there was quite a lot of fore-planning and work before the actual celebrations itself. Well, it's mostly the decorations, set-up, logistics and food, but everything was worth it!

Initially, I was planning on getting food catering since it's the most feasible option, aside from its hefty price tag. But Han said he wanted to help me with the food, and while I wasn't exactly sure if I should (because that meant that he would be spending his precious book out time cooking), we eventually made it work after planning our schedules and the menu! Hehe and the menu was so good!! Thank you so much my dear chef. :')

I did manage to style and photograph a few of the desserts that Han made for my 21st. I'll blog those visuals on a later date this week! For now, the decor and set-up.

So I had an idea to do a tropical theme for my birthday, but I didn't exactly want it to be the typical flamingo, pineapple and palm tree decorations all over. So I did some googling and decided on making some sort of balloon arc in pinkish, nude shades with flowers and palm leaves.

My best friends came to help me out the day before the actual celebrations, and it took us about four hours to finish the whole set-up?? I thought it wasn't so bad LOL. But anyway most of my materials are from taobao! Omg taobao just literally helped me with budgeting so much on my deco/set-up!! The balloons, flowers, leaves, dessert stands, wooden trays and some other stuff were all from taobao!

The food was sooo good!! Wish I had taken more pictures when the table was still full with some of the tapas or desserts ):

On the day itself, there was a bit of a rush here and there but I'm glad it all worked out smoothly! Thank you to all the dear friends who came down to celebrate my 21st birthday!!

I think almost everyone dressed up pretty tropical-ly? HAHA totally didn't expect that but I think themed outfits are cool when the whole gang dresses the part.

Nothing warms my heart more to know that I have Han and my best friends to rely on despite their busy work/NS schedules. Things were only a lot easier because I have them around to go through all the not-so-pretty and hectic stuff that goes on behind the glamour of all 21st birthday parties. Thank you Miao Lin, Trisha, Zhiyi, Victor, Kelvin and YeeWah for being such an amazing team! You guys have always been the most dependable and indispensable bros and girlfriends I know. Thank you for always being real with me, and for accepting me as I am. Here's to years ahead as we venture into adulthood! If y'all are planning your 21sts, please hit me up to be your photographer or to help out with decor. :')

Also, I think I was really happy to see all the ones I cared about gathered together at one place. Since most of them are friends from primary and secondary school, it was really nice to feel all that familiarity once again. Whether it was after school hangouts or late night msn conversations about anything, it all feels so nostalgic and I would want to keep these people close to heart. Plus, the after party was fun LOL although I think my alcohol tolerance has improved heaps since 2015's hectic clubbing/bo tah bo lampah lifestyle so... I didn't get drunk (nice try friends).

Wew it's been a super long post and I think I'll end it here. It's been an amazing 21st with my loved ones!

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